Sunday, August 27, 2006

I guess it’s time to update. Okay well my stomach is getting bigger and bigger! In the mornings my stomach looks so freakin deformed. Well I am putting the child up for adoption this Jan. I know it’s going to be hard, but I’m planning for it everyday. I wish I could just stay pregnant forever more. Well without the bad parts. I started college this last Monday, and it is so weird being there around all those people pregnant. I know I just look fat right now, but soon enough it will be obvious and I’m awfully worried about the reaction. I guess I’ve gotten through the worst part… telling the family. Haha just kidding. This baby is slowly, but surely coming and I just keep on going on with life as usual. Chris pretends I’m not even pregnant now, because he said he doesn’t want to get attached. He told me that he wants to do all the cute things like put his head on my stomach to talk to the baby, rub cocoa butter on my tummy, and all the other exciting things fathers do… but he’s not going to be a father so why get excited about it. I understand where he’s coming from. I think it’s going to be as hard on him as it will be for me. Maybe even more, believe it or not. Shelbey is moving Mon… but she said she will try to visit in Jan. Jenna will be graduated by then. So atleast I’ll have my best friends by my side.