Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

Dear Chris (Jeff and Steve too!)

I know it's short, but it was not easy to put together! We love you!!!

and a little added bonus:

Stupid Father's Day

It’s Father’s Day and the father of my children is deployed. I don’t know why I’m so down today. I guess I just miss him and that’s understandable. It's just part of the military life. At least he’ll be home for Christmas, so I have nothing to room to complain... but I will anyway.

Since I was feeling down this Father’s Day, I decided to go out on an adventure with the kids to brighten up our moods. I was already going up to Snellville to feed Shannon’s cats so I decided that Stone Mountain sounded fun! It was crowded and unpleasant so we left. I’m glad I went up there though, because a few things I want to do on a not-so-busy of a day. I still had hope that the day could be fun so I decided to take Lily out for a Chick-fil-A ice cream cone. I went through the drive through and sat there… and then sat there some more. I was probably a whole minute before it dawned on me that Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays! At this point I was completely fed up with the day and ready to go home. I got all the way home when I decided that giving up wasn’t the answer. We then went to the park near our house. I don’t know how I forgot that the pool was right by the playground, but I did. When I drove up there people were laughing, neighbors were walking to the pool, music was playing… they were having a ball! And there I was sitting in my car… not at the pool. I broke down. What pool charges you $800/ entry fee + 450/ pool fee and then 440/ year after that??? It’s seriously crazy! And how do all those Avondale Estates residents afford that? UGH it makes me angry just thinking about it. I was looking so forward to being apart of that stupid pool this year. I had plans to go on a daily basis and finally get some sun and let the kids enjoy their summer. They’re young and actually GET to enjoy their summers! So I gave up and came home angry, depressed, and feeling worse than I did before we left the house. Okay done venting.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am so excited!! My friend, LeAnn from Belgium just got stationed at Ft. Gordon (well in September)!! I miss her so much and I can’t wait to eat at Outback with her! Now Tonya AND LeAnn will be at Gordon! I wish I was stationed there, but a couple hours is no biggie! I’m so ready to hangout with some army wives again! Who knows, maybe Tonya and LeAnn will hit it off! They’re both so outgoing and fun to be around. That would be awesome :)

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Austin and mommy

Here's a few pics of Austin and me
(shot with a point and shot camera)

Friday, June 05, 2009

we found each other again!

Givenchy Silvertone Crystal...I found them again!! Finally!
These are my FAVORITE earrings of all time! The only problem is they are breakable. I've gone through two pairs. I just love them. They are my soulmate earrings! I thought I'd never find them again, but I did! I bought some too! I'm excited for them to get here!

Here's few pics of our life together :)

They came to Belgium with me

They were at Lily's first Christmas.
They worked with a tshirt
They made any look hotter

They were even at Lily's 1st bday!

... and MANY MANY more pics!
(from even back in highschool!)

Can I just add that my very first pair of these earring I owned, I stole from a store in the mall back in MS.
I'm pretty sure they are cursed.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009