Sunday, August 30, 2009

Princess Brunch Video

...and more videos I've been procrastinating on putting up.
These are pretty lame, but Chris will like them so deal :)

Family Dinner

Live Free

One of the 1st times sitting up by himself

My baby scoots!

twinkle little star

Potty Talk

Lily is now officially a KID! No more baby Lily :(

Sunday Church

Lately I've been trying to go back to church.  Slowly, but surely I've been working my way in that direction.  I am starting to like my ward.  I'm going to play dates on Tuesday and Wednesday!  There are a lot of young moms!  The lessons were really good today also.  I wish I had taken pictures BEFORE church, because I felt pretty this morning, I'm kind of washed out in these pictures, but I wanted Yall to see my cute family (minus my loving husband), my new dress, and my new hair color, dark blonde.  It's been nice going back.  I know it's not going to be easy, but all I can say is baby steps.  I want my family to be together forever, and I hope I can learn more, and maybe even gain some sort of testimony.  It's a great environment for my kids, and I'm excited for them to experience church.

Cousin Princess Brunch

Lily invited Kenzie over the other day for a Princess Brunch, because she knows how much Kenzie loves being a pretty princess. Auntie Em threw the brunch and it was so much fun! Both Kenzie and Lily were full of ooohs and aaahs the whole morning/afternoon. They enjoyed getting all dressed up with dresses, princess crowns, and Emily made jewelry! They ate pink waffles covered in ice-cream, strawberries, bananas, and homemade hot syrup. Then they got to decorate cupcake with lots of candy. Lily loved it! I loved watching them dance to the fun princess music, and playing with the decorations Kenzie thought were so pretty! It was overall a fabulous day! Natalie has better pictures though :( I hope she posts them soon! I'll post a video up... maybe later today!

The decorations

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Headband Crush

Yes. I have a little crush on headbands these days... and cute clothes. I've always just worn whatever, but the more I watch shows like Gossip Girl and one Tree Hill the more I like dressing up. I wish i had a couple thousand to spend on a new wardrobe!

Anyway here are some cute headbands I found!
These ones are like 200+ dollars each... yeah.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I wish...

Angelle and kari (my beautiful cousins) would post belly pics!! I check them everyday in anticipation. I love looking at my old blog posts full of cute belly pics and fun pregnant updates! I hope yall are better at updating once the girls are born!

That is all.