Sunday, August 31, 2008

our little BBQ

We had a Labor Day weekend BBQ yesterday and it was pretty fun.
Chris's goofy face making the food

My little bug

lovin' on her friend, Brianna
the girls
they're matching :)LeAnn and her Brianna

Lily and some of her friends
some of the boys
all the girls
Lily's first "boo boo" on her knee

She's my love bug
eating some cake and steak

I love them!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

problem with Austin

I went to that special ultrasound today with hopes to get a bunch of cute 3-D pics of Austin, but instead now I'm just freaking out about my little baby. The guy barely looked away from the heart for an entire hour! So I asked what was wrong and he couldn't speak much English, but basically he said that there is a problem with his heart and we need to go back on Monday. I don't know what to even think! I need a translator so I can feel like I atleast understand what's going on! I hope he's okay!!!

Bedding change again :)

I know I know... I'm indecisive. But my friend LeAnn told me that her baby gift to me is going to be my crib bedding and when I told her I was going cheap on bedding, because of living here for a short period of time she reminded me that by time we move Austin won't be in the crib anymore anyway. So we decided that I should have one good girl's crib set (Lily's) and a good boy one. So this is the one we decided on... what do you think?

From JCPenney's

So i was looking around for a good priced Lily bedding, because I just dont like her bedding that much to be honest. It was my little sister, Olivia's, and it just is way too busy for my taste. So LeAnn and i were looking and we found this one at bed bath and beyond. I'll have to buy it, but it's not that much. But I want yalls opinion first. We were talking about the brown being the main color... kind of like the zebra print was in my last idea.


Official tickets

We bought our airline tickets to NY today!
We have to wait till we get paid again to buy the ones to GA.
But we will be in the states from DEC. 21- JAN. 16
I'm excited :)

oh and mom we're flying into BDL.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yesterday Chris passed his tape.
This weekend is a four day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

pics from today

Lily and I matched today is our sweats and ponytails
my belly looks so small today for some reason

Cute Lily

showing off her cute ponytail

I don't look pregnant at all in the pics...
in fact I look skinny!

a good time to celebrate!

And his friend told him that they already have his promotion written up!
So that means we will be E-3s in no time!
Chris is getting some triple chunk brownies tonight!

Monday, August 25, 2008

26 weeks

Every night is starting to get more and more miserable! I can't get comfortable and it seems like every night I wake up with a Charley horse! They're BAD ones too. They're not just in my toes, but my whole calf... and it kills! And then at other points of the night I wake up with such a dry throat that I can't even swallow! I have to wake up to get water probably 3 times a night! I already drink too much water during the day and now I need it at night too! And because I drink so frequently I often wake up to pee! I just want a whole night's sleep in my comfortable bed. I just want to sink in it at 9 pm and not wake up until 11am the next day!

On other news I've decided that I'm in my nesting period of pregnancy, because I can't get this house clean enough! I went and got a magic eraser and have been cleaning the walls, and I got carpet cleaner so I could deep clean the carpet. But it still seems trashed! Chris and I got a bunch of boxes so this week I'm going to go through all of Lily's baby clothes and put them in different boxes by their sizes. Chris is spray painting our nightstands and some of Lily's furniture that I got from my mom. The same furniture we used as kids so it has crayons all over them and are chipping. So HOPEFULLY he can get them presentable. I need a new desk! My desk is the one I got when I was really young... an attempt from my mom to get me to do my homework. Well now it's all scratched up and falling apart. But it will do for now.

My birthday is coming up next month and if you want to get me anything all I want this year is money. I REALLY want a nice camera, but we need to save our money and so the only way I can afford it is if I save a up a few holidays.

Oh and this Friday I have an OBGYN appointment. Out here in Belgium they give you an ultrasound at every appointment which rocks, because I got got like three with Lily. Well out here they give you a specialty ultrasound. That's the apt. I have on Friday. I asked my friend, LeAnn about it and she said it's a 3D ultrasound! She said it's a really cool appointment, because you can actually see what your baby looks like! She said that the baby looked almost the same on the ultrasound as she did when she was born! I'm SO EXCITED!! But my friend, Kasie, told me that she had that same apt. a few week or months back and the machine was broken. So she just had a really long normal ultrasound. I REALLY hope they've fixed it by now, because I'd love to get a 3D ultrasound! That would be so neat! LeAnn said that she got some really good pictures from it, so if it's fixed I'll post them on here!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

give me that potato!

Lately all I want to eat is some kind of potato! I’m on a potato high! Last night we had Shepard’s pie with extra mashed potatoes, this last weekend I couldn’t get enough of my friend’s potato salad, and tonight I had TWO LARGE baked potatoes. I loaded them up with tons of butter, cheese, sour cream, and salt and pepper. IT WAS SOOO GOOD! I would have had more if I had already made more. Lily loves them too. I think Shepard’s pie is her favorite meal… over Mac and cheese and spaghetti. When I eat something that I think is really good I kind of wiggle in my seat. Well when we eat Shepard’s pie Lily wiggles! It’s so cute! Anyway potatoes is definitely a craving! I think Austin loves them too, but all the sudden he's dancing in my belly. He must be happy about something!

My registry

I added my new crib bedding and the stroller I want. The stroller is NOT CHEAP. But I've heard good things, so I think Chris and I are going to save up and get it anyway. But because Lily's bedding is blue and light green (flowers)... just my sisters old one I decided to do a blue and green one for Austin... I like that it's simple and A LOT less money... check it out!

Here's a BAD pic of Lily's bedding. It's from back when I was showing yall that she is sleeping in her own bed now. But you can see her bedding a little. The pictures kind of dark, but you get the idea.

Austin's bedding- Blue bumpers/sheets/ruffles (and also yellow sheets for when the blue ones get dirty- besides it will bring out the yellow on Lily's bedding), and the blue/green/white blankets. I'll dress it up with the blankets and some stuffed animals.
(under nursery section)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My child is brilliant

I can’t believe my child! She is such TROUBLE… and she knows it too! I’m serious with the army borrowed table Lily climbed the table so often that when I saw this table at the pxtra I had to get it, because we couldn’t ever have anything on the table. The new table was on sale and really cheap. I mean it’s not a gorgeous set, but it’s a lot taller than a normal table, and it’s good for kids growing up. So I bought this table on purpose so Lily wouldn’t get on it! I knew that soon she’d be taller, but I’d figure by then she’d know more about right and wrong. Well she is Lily so there’s so end to the trying…
the "tall" table
she used her seat as a stepping stool
getting into things
This one is Lily saying, “hi” over and over trying to show me her accomplishment.

Babies R Us

I made a registry at babies r us if you want to take a look. I’m REALLY BAD at this whole registering thing. If you’re searching with my name put AMY ONEAL (no apostrophe)… anyway there ya go :)

Most of it’s just hopeful wishing haha

***Okay I decided against the zebra idea, because once we get stationed elsewhere in only like two years, I’ll have separate rooms for Lily and Austin, and I don’t want two rooms with the same theme. So I’m just going to do something simple and blue for now. Why spend all that money or have someone spend all that money for something I’ll probably only use for 2 to 3 years? Besides this place is not nice enough for me to go all out on decorations. It’s just a beginner house and I want my next house to be nicer. This house will do for the time being, but spending money on short term things isn’t what I think is smart. I loved the idea and maybe in the next house either Lily or Austin’s room will have that look, but while they’re sharing a room I’ll just go simple.

Thanks Karen for the offer though! It was really sweet of Steve and you!
And thanks Jessica for the help!

once again

Because of Chris’s tape issues his first sergeant and NCO and have been working out with him extra hard and giving him the chance to decide when to be taped. Well last time when he failed he was 213 pounds or something like that. So he dieted and did everything he could for a couple weeks… I even bought him a coconut cake for motivation. Well yesterday he decided that if he was 205 pounds he would get taped today. Well he was 204 and that was in the middle of the day and right after he ate… so he felt ready. Well today he got taped and, OF COURSE, he failed. They said that HIS NECK shrunk too!!! Chris has a very slim face and neck when he’s in shape… he can’t control that! I feel like there’s no hope for us passing… no matter how small his belly gets, his neck just keeps in the same proportion to it… and the way the army tapes makes it impossible for him to pass. But I know I say this everytime he fails, but Chris is SO GOOD at PT! He never ever falls out on runs, we pushes himself to the end, he even hold the flag during runs, because he’s one of the only ones who has the energy and strength to do it. They should be able to see that he’s loosing weight like a freakin’ anorexic chick! I mean I’ll admit that he was a little overweight when we first got here, because we had just had Christmas with 3 families… so we ate a lot and he didn’t exercise at all. But since we’ve been here he’s gotten himself in gear. I mean we can’t eat half the things I crave, because it’s too tempting to him! I REALLY wanted brownies the other day and it happens to be one of Chris’s favorite desserts. The triple chunk kind… so I had to go make it at my neighbor, LeAnn’s house, so he wouldn’t be able to eat the whole pan like usual. I mean I have to sneak around to satisfy my craving, and it sucks! But I mean what can we do? He can’t ever pass so... it’s just dumb. I’m so over this taping thing. I love the army and support it all the way, but things like this really test my loyalty! Sorry I’m just a little aggravated.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lily's new outfits

We went to the mall today to get a pokeno gift and looked for a baby shower gift for a friend, and I found some REALLY cute clothes for my Lily at H&M and Zara. I never shop for her anymore, because living out here isn’t cheap. But I think I got a lot for very little. I’m proud of myself and all the cute things I got!
I LOVE this one!!!
here's the shirt design (zara)
the cute eurpean skinny jeans with a bow (zara)
...and the shoes are from H&M

Here's another cute outfit
I love this design also (zara)
with these cute leggings/ pants
I love the buttons on the sides (zara)
and this one...
The top is kind of like a sweater dress... it's loose and has a dressy "A cut"
and I really love the hood on it...
the design is VERY european baby (zara)
I got the tights and the shoes to match. I think the outfit looks great all together
I got THE CUTEST shoes at zara!
Don't they look comfy??
...and freakin' adorable!
And I thought these shoes would look cute with a pair of jeans and a pink/green/white shirt (H&M)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Gap

I was looking at Baby Gap and founds some looks I LOVE for little Aussie-Roo. So if you want an idea of the styles I like for boys then here just a few from one store. I'll keep looking around... this place is pretty pricey. But atleast you can get an idea... cute little body suits
(I love that little pocket pouch)

This cute little outfit

or this one... (if you can't tell I'm in a winter mind set)
or this cute warm body suit

This is from one short browse so I'm sure there are a lot of other cute styles I love too!