Saturday, February 28, 2009

desserts for fun- 307

Today Chris and I went to Publix for desserts. Lily got a cookie, Chris got a cupcake, and I got petit fours. We got a few movies at the red box at walmart and relaxed the whole day. It was wonderful!

Friday, February 27, 2009

my addiction- 308

I’ve decided that I am so short term minded. I’ve been trying to diet off and on since I had Austin, but my biggest weakness is chocolate. I love chocolate… like it’s sick how much I like it. But the only pleasure you get out of chocolate is the one minute while you’re eating it… and then you take a drink or something and that taste is gone only to get you fat, give you acne, screw up your teeth, and maybe even give you diabetes! Just for a minute of pleasure. Actually if you eat chocolate like me I don’t get pleasure out of it, because I eat it too much. It’s like a chip… it’s whatever. So I eat it, not to savor it, but to eat it and then eat another one and another without even thinking about it. It’s disgusting that I would risk my looks and health for a little taste of heaven. I need to stop eating chocolate all together. I’m addicted. I know if I have just one I’ll have a whole bunch. Anyway I’m done complaining about my stupidity.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

cry baby- 309

Austin has been crying like scream crying every time I nurse him. I don't know what to do. Well the doctor said it's probably gas and for me to burp him more often. That just doesn't seem to help. I wish I could do something to help him. I feel so helpless when he screams like that. I try everything! Ugh it's just so frustrating.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My two year old- 310

Lily is becoming such a fun girl! Last night we stayed up and read every single book she owns and some twice. She absolutely loved it. And today she helped me clean up all the trash around the house. She dances with me, plays with me, and is so full of energy! It’s so much fun having a toddler! Sometimes when she’s just sitting around watching tv I just sit there and watch her. She looks so grown up and it makes me kind of sad. She eats and drink like a big girl, she’s learning new words daily, she’s becoming a very smart, well rounded little girl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 months- 311

I can’t believe Aussie is ALREADY 3 months old! It’s crazy! He’s holding his head up, showing more personality, and just being so cute! He’s discovered his hands and that never good. I love that boy so much I can hardly stand it!

He weighs 10 pounds 10 ounces.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Lily loves playing with her magnet on the refrigerator. Her favorite things are matching the animals and dancing to the ABC song. She’s so cute!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big eyed Baby- 313

Austin always widens his eyes as big as he can when I take pictures. It’s so cute! I’m just going to say it… my kids are way too adorable for words! I love them so much!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

can't we ever stay healthy in this house?- 314

I feel awful about this, but my family has caught my flu. I spent last night with Lily in our bed and both Chris and Lily constantly throwing up and using the restroom. It’s been so sad! Lily has been so sweet today. She’s been just sitting around watching tv. LILY NEVER JUST WATCHES TV! That girl always is full of energy. But I gave her a bath, put her in comfortable pajamas, and laid her down to watch tv and have a relaxing Saturday. Chris has not left the bed all day (except to go to the bathroom or throw up). I somehow managed to get him to eat a little string cheese not long ago, but other than that he won’t eat a thing. Oh and he just threw that up. DANG! I feel so domestic today. I’ve been taking care of their every needs plus I’ve cleaned the kitchen and done some laundry. I HATE cleaning up throw up… it’s SO gross! I really hope they start feeling better by tomorrow!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lily's first haircut- 315

Today Lily got her very first haircut ever! It was overly needed. Her ends were so stringy, because they were still baby hairs. I think her new cut is so cut! It’s suits her personality!
Also it was my mom’s birthday. I was still a little sick, but we went out to Sweet Tomatoes anyway. It was very good. I’m sad that my mom and sisters are leaving so early tomorrow. I wish they could stay longer!
Austin's HUGE eyes by Nat

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bug!!!- 316

Today I was SOOO sick! I couldn’t get out of bed much at all! I think It’s the flu. I can’t stop throwing up and using the restroom! It’s so embarrassing with all these guests! But it is nice to have them as helpers. Well somehow Lily got out of our eye site and when we went looking for her she looked well made up. Yes she got into my make-up AGAIN! This is like the 4th time in the last 2 months. I really like putting my make-up on sitting in front of the mirror on the floor, but I think I may have to rethink that. I don’t buy cheap make-up so I always have to remember what my mom always says, “You can’t love THINGS when you have kids, because they WILL get destroyed… and you always have to remember that they’re just kids.”
Sorry I was way too sick to take a better picture.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My little girl- 317

Lily is growing up so fast! Her hair is getting so long! I think we’re going to give her her FIRST hair cut this week :) Anyway With Emily here visiting Lily looks cute every day! Emily has been giving her showers, getting her dressed, and doing her all up before I even get out of bed! Emily should definitely be a mom! She’s so domestic already! I hope she has all girls like she wants.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anniversary 09- 318

We got married today two years ago! And we’ve been so grateful to have found each other. In these two years we have had a couple kids, have moved a lot, and have enjoyed this adventure together. I think we are a great team and I’m so glad he’s my life partner! I love him so much!!!

I was upset that Chris didn’t take the car today. I was upset because I thought he had forgotten our anniversary. Anyway the door bell rang and to my surprise a man was there delivering a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries :)
He tricked me!

When we got married two years ago we were in a hurry to find him a ring and we were very poor. So we went into this hippy store and bought him an 8 dollar piece of crap ring. He’s worn it the last two years! So this year I finally got him a comfortable, nice ring!!

For dinner we went to Sake Gura, my FAVORITE Hibachi restaurant ever. It was sooo good! I had steak and rice. Their rice is like candy! It was wonderful!
Anyway I’m so happy that Chris is my support, love, and life.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby O'Neal- 319

Austin is so cute I had to try to take some army pictures. Especially with Chris deploying next month, I thought it would be cute.

I love Chris’s eyes. I love the caramel green color, the cute crows feet he gets when he smiles, and how big they get when he’s excited. They’re amazing!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hide and Seek- 320

My mom and sisters are in town and Lily has been in heaven. While Chris and I have been on dates, Lily’s been getting spoiled. She’s been getting suckers, plenty of cousin time, and GRANDMA!! Anyway she was playing Hide and seek with grandma and Deano so I took a picture of how she looked!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day- 321

Valentines Day was really fun this year. While we were getting ready we listened to our song “Everything” from Michael Buble and just got the mood right for our date. We went out my favorite restaurant, Longhorn, and then went to the movies. At Longhorn we did the whole ordeal… we got starters, HUGE meals (I got the 14 oz steak), and then split the Ultimate Brownie sundae. YUMM! We saw “He’s just not that into you” at the movies. I really liked it! After the movie we talked and talked for hours about everything! I love it when we get into deep conversations. It makes me feel so close to him on a more intellecual level. Then we called it a night. The next day we had the second half of our date we went to the mall in our pajamas… one of our favorite things to do and ate good food, got massages, and just relaxed. It was really fun! We were supposed to get pedicures, but I really wasn’t in the mood. I love going on dates with Chris. It’s like we’re just dating again. No kids, no responsibilities, just having fun and goofing off. It was wonderful! I love Chris so so so much!!!

Oh and while we were at the mall I got Chris’s anniversary present for Tuesday :) :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Head strong- 322

Austin’s head is getting stronger and stronger everyday. I don’t have to hold his head at all anymore when I burp him or pick him up. He’s getting so big so fast! It’s making me sad.

I love how caring Chris is. Today I've been really sick and the plan was to get this house ready for guests, but instead of Chris getting upset he's been taking care of me. He let me sleep in and do absolutely nothing. I'm starting to feel better now, but I love that he's so sensitive to my needs.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maternity pics- 323

Today I took some maternity pictures of a friend just for fun. It was SO sunny and just way too bright, but some showed up okay. Here’s a few I liked.

I love how great a father Chris is. He loves both Lily and Austin so much. He loves to spend one on one time with them where I can’t be around. I love how much he plays with them and all that he does for them. I couldn’t ask for a better father for my kids!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My babies- 324

I really like taking pictures of my kids… even though they really don’t cooperate most of the time. But I take enough pictures for it to matter. Sometimes I’m lucky sometimes I’m not… either way they are cutest off camera.

I love that Chris tries to make everything special. He doesn’t want to do little things… he like all celebrations to be big and fun. He likes to show off that he is a sweet guy… hey I’m not complaining :)

it's all happening

Chris is deploying for 6 months next month and they told us today! I wish we had more time to prepare. We were going to go on a trip and everything, but we’re going to go on it when he gets back… we’ll need a lot of alone time then anyway. Plus I’m just not ready to leave Austin for more than a day. And since he’s nursing he needs me too. Anyway it’s going to be hard, but I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I’ve been mentally preparing myself since AIT. I just hope that I’m prepared enough. I’m going to be a “single” mom for 6 months with two kids. What a nightmare! I think I’ll be able to handle it though… it will be hard but I see woman do it all the time in the military. Plus we could really use the extra money.

Anyway so this weekend we’re going to celebrate Valentines Day and our anniversary! I so excited! I feel the love in the air :)

slowly becoming apart of the grown up world- 325

I took this picture at 11 tonight so it’s not good, and as you can see Austin is sleeping on a mattress. We’ve been cleaning sheets and getting everything ready for my Mom and a couple of my sisters visit. I love that I have a place for them to stay. It makes me feel like a true adult. Yeah I know I have two kids, a husband, have all this responsibility, but having family visitors really gives the feeling of independence. I guess it’s because I lived at my parents house my whole life with all my sisters and we all fought and never got along, and now they are coming to visit MY house and we’re all bestfriends. It’s just a nice change.
I love that Chris does so much around here. I was thinking last night about how I’m going to handle living on my own. I hate leaving the house… he takes out the trash, checks the mail, picks thing up at the store, get prescriptions filled… everything you have to walk outside for he does. Not to mention all the things he does in the house! How will I survive without my bear???

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Chris is deploying next month!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

lucky ducks- 326

The Weather was so nice I couldn't pass up a chance to take the kids to the park. Austin was so good!
Just getting a little sun :)

Lily took some cute pictures, but she was not in a picture mood at all.
She felt so free she ran around non stop for hours!

She LOVES feeding the ducks and geese.
Shannon gave us their bread so we got to have fun feeding them.
When we used to feed them she wasn't as into it as she is now.
And let me tell you the ducks were not afraid of us at all!
They came up to Lily and tried to eat out of her hands!

She could have watched the ducks and geese all night.
she enjoyed throwing the bread over the bridge
I love that Chris always tries to make me happy. When I got my new camera he told me that he grew up with crappy pictures and liked them just fine and the reason he let me get a new camera was because he knew I really wanted it and it would make me happy. He always wants to make me happy. He lets me get my hair done because it makes me happy, he lets me sleep in because it makes me happy, he does house work because it makes me happy…he does so many thing to make me happy. I love him so much. And I know without a doubt that he loves me too.