Sunday, December 30, 2012


2013 Goals
-Read the entire Standard Works!!!!
-Do atleast one act of service a day
-Keep up with the laundry and dishes
-Eat out less (twice a month once as a fam and one as a date!) (and special occasions)!)
-Start a workout routine (atleast twice a week!)
-Run a 5k(or two, or three ;))
-Make healthier choices 
-Become a better FRIEND
-Read more books and watch less TV!
-Share the gospel more
-Keep the Sabbath Day Holy every Sunday!
-Project 365 (and Project 52 challenge)
-Never let work come first.
-Change wake-up time from 7am to 6am!
-Improve on handwriting and vocabulary

I have written my game plan and found ways to keep me accountable.  Let's see how the year goes!  Last year I accomplished all my goals but one, and I'm on a never-stop-trying-to-better-yourself mode.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My year of miracles.

At the beginning of 2012 life was rough.  I had just gotten off all my anti-depressant medications that I have been on since I was around 14 and they've only gotten stronger over the years.  I was sleeping in until noon and staying up way past midnight.  When I was up I was pretty much a zombie.  I was neglecting my kids.  I wanted to quit photography and I hadn't picked up my camera in months, basically I was a mess. 

  It was around this time that I decided something had to change.  I needed God in my life and not just part-time.  I decided it was time to find out which church I should go to.  In my youth I attended many Catholic, Baptist, and Non-Denomination churches as well as the LDS church.  In the LDS church they have a promise in the Book of Mormon that if you read it with an open heart and then pray to know if that is the True Church, you will know through revelation.  I'm not going to lie, I already believed but I was a little skeptical.  I WANTED to believe.  Going to all the other churches in my youth was good, but they never felt true.  Yeah I felt the spirit when they were teaching a good lesson, but not in the same way as I do with the LDS church.  Anyway I read and read, got lazy at times, but I got through it.  I finished the day before my 24th birthday (September 21st 2012).  Then I prayed.  And it was a beautiful night.  I felt the spirit so strongly and had the confirmation I needed.  You can find out more about how our church got restored at :) <<< see that Missionary work?? lol

As I was reading I found my new favorite Scripture in Ether 12.
"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."
The first thing I thought to myself was, "THIS IS IT!  This is the answer I've been looking for!"  I just couldn't change my lifestyle, my horrible schedule, my bad habits, my lack of motivation, being a not-so-great mother and wife and so on.  I was weak.  And I couldn't do it myself.  And this was my low.  So I prayed and told God all my frustrations, reminded him of this Scripture, told him I need help, and told him everything I needed help with.  Then I can't tell you exactly what happened, but I knew he'd help me. 

It was slow and I hardly noticed, but look at me now.  I've become the mother and wife I've always wanted to be, I'm organized, my house is clean most of the time, my schedule is planned out, I'm MOTIVATED (which is something I thought I'd never be), I go to bed and wake up and good times.  It's amazing and I KNOW it was God who helped me get to this point.  And I KNOW he'll continuously help me if I humbly come to him. 

Another way he has helped me is through photography.  I suffer from anxiety.  I have a mini panic attack before every photoshoot and it has been very hard to keep going and overcome it.  So before every session I started praying to ease my anxiety, to take pictures that my clients will be happy with, and to help me get through it.  And after I pray I always take a deep breath and get on with the session.  At first it was still hard, and it's STILL hard, but I feel like it gets a little easier as I keep going.  And after I pray I always feel a little at ease.  I know it's God's comfort.  I know it's such a little thing, but it's a big thing to me.  My anxiety has held me back for years and I'm so glad that I'm slowly getting a handle on it.

Other miracles this year are more spiritual, sacred ones that I don't feel comfortable sharing.  But God certainly knows me.  He knows my trials, my life, and my family.  He knows the big picture and I'm so grateful for all the tender mercies I've received in my personal life. 

This has truly been a year of miracles for me.

Next year in 2013 I plan to serve more, share his gospel more, be an instrument, etc.  He's done so so so much for me and I'm so grateful!  God is good!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Feeling Good.

Before Aus passed away Feeling Good by Michael Buble was my absolute favorite song and I used to sing my heart out and was so overly grateful (not religiously) for everything I had and all the love in my life. It was my theme song. But a couple days after Austin left us, it was on and the hatred for that song was beyond words could describe. I did not want a new day or a new dawn and I definitely was NOT feeling good. It's funny because since then I've healed so much and have come to an understanding and acceptance on his death, but every time that song comes on I still rush to change it. It's a song from my past and I just have no desire to hear it again. Anyway It just came on and I was planning on trying to listen to it and about three seconds into the words I had to rush to change it, it's weird how a song can take you back to a place and time and remind you of feelings you don't want to feel.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Obama 2012

Today I voted for the first time, for Romney!  I was so excited for him to be our new president, I had high hopes for this country.  And I voted no on legalizing pot in Colorado.  Nope, Obama is our present for another 4 years, and Pot is legal.  All I'm saying is it's time to repent, read the bible, and start preparing for the end.  I'm just really disappointed in America and scared for it's future.  But things have to and will go as God has plans and so I'm expecting the future to be a pretty unpleasant place, but I'm glad I'll have the comfort of knows the joyous days that will follow.  It may happen in my lifetime or maybe 5 generations from now, but I feel like we're heading in that direction now. :(

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Yesterday's session

Last night's session made me super happy, here's a few. :)

Press on photos to make larger. :)

Friday, November 02, 2012


I'm going to be doing a lot of older posts, you probably won't notice since they'll be on the dates they belong on, but just a heads up. :)

Book of Mormon

I never updated!  The night before my 24th birthday (September 21st 2012), I finished!  It was amazing, amazing night, and the beginning of an amazing year.  I love Heavenly Father and all the blessings and trials in my life!  I love belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ, where no doctrine changes and everything is just wholesome and good!  I feel very blessed.


Halloween was fun this year!  We went Trunk-or-Treating twice, went to a cookie decorating play date at our friend, Maggie's, and then went Trick-or-Treating with Maggie.  The kids had a great year!  Lily was Audrey Hepburn, Gray was a Lion, and Claire was an Elephant.  We definitely missed Austin a lot of this Halloween.  I posted a picture of Halloween 2010 up on Facebook and probably looked at it 100000 times.  He's just so sweet and I miss him.  Chris was awesome, while I took Lily and Grayson Trick-or-Treating, he stayed home with Claire, passed out candy, AND my business card!  So sweet. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Changes are coming.

I'm changing my layout so here's he memory of my blog now. :)

Halloween 2012

Blogs coming together

I went back to look for a picture of Austin and it reminded me of why I blog.  So I combined my Guide Me To Thee blog and this one and now I'm going to get back to blogging.  Can't wait!

Monday, October 22, 2012


True friends help us be better than we would be on our own.
--Robert D. Hales

SO true!  I only want to be friends with people who inspire me to be more than I am now!!  I'm not a fan of people who just accept and settle for who they are now with no progression, who gossip and bring other people down, or who bring me down.  Only uplifting people are welcomed in my life! And I'm lucky enough to have have a handful of these ladies in my life! <3

Monday, September 17, 2012

Facebook Status

My first ever religious defending! :):)
I know I don't know much yet, and I'm really not in a place right now where I care to teach my people my religion in hopes that their heart will be open to it, but it was fun anyway. :)

K (status)-
So I am reading up on the presidential candidates, yeah I am seeing either way we are screwed. Just did some research on mormonism and no offense to anyone who is a mormon, but wow. Just wow lol.

Mormonism is faulty as opposed to what?

Just doesn't make sense that if they are christians & believe in the old & new testaments...which don't say anything about an angel coming to earth and giving an earthy man hidden plates. Doesn't go along with what the bible says. It just sounds kinda crazy that all these people belive it. The plates were taken back to heaven...idk just wack. The bible is very long and detailed, God would not have let out something so very important

 In my opinion, all the extra things "christain" religions have added to the bible are non sense. I don't believe in all the dominations, if you are a christian just go by the bible. No need to add/take away. 

It seems to be just as plausible as any other religion, in my opinion. But I guess that is where a believer's sanction of faith comes into play. As you may know, the King Jame's version of the bible had sections selected and others rejected for the "official" KJV. I think that kind of adulteration warrants just as much suspicion as the book of mormom?

Yeah, I mean I get your point. But considering they went by the bible, how can they believe some guy found this and just believe it even though going by the bible there would be no such thing. 

It's not too hard to believe. People fall into differing paradigms all the time. Just look at Scientology.

So I am not Mormon but Amy is, so I have some first hand on the Mormon side of things. I was also raised Southern Baptist. With that said the KJV of the bible is false in complete and misinterpreted to such an extent that all churches now will say before a sermon that this is the preachers interpretation of seeing things. Mormons before they were know as Mormons were basically old Christians dating back to before the crucifixion. Joseph Smith ( the guy reading the gold plates) was for told in the old/new testaments. Most Christians who say one thing or another is not in the bible have never read the bible front to back. So watch who your source is on certain things. I will say i do not believe in the LDS church but I have seen the inside of how they work and the type of community they promote. Based on this firsthand knowledge I have to say LDS members are more giving and humble than any other church I have yet to attend. So if you are wondering if morally Romney is fit to be president, I wouldn't worry he believes in the same God you do and the same books

Also the Book of Mormon is another witness of Christ, it doesn't take anything away from the Bible. And I don't want to start a debate or anything but if god gave prophets to people in the older days why wouldn't we have prophets? He doesn't ever change. He is perfect.

Okay I found it in the Bible...
Ezekiel 37:15–20
"The stick or record of Judah—the Old Testament and the New Testament—and the stick or record of Ephraim—the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ are one in our hands. Ezekiel’s prophecy now stands fulfilled”

Me (again lol) -
And you have to remember in the ancient days 30 books were taken out of the bible by man and those contained very important truths and they had a meeting I guess you'd say a long time ago where a bunch of Christains came together and got rid of or retranslated the bible so they all agreed on how it should be and that's ridiculous, because the Bible isn't a book of man and their wants, it's a book of GOD and his wants. People shouldn't retranslate anything. Sorry for all these posts lol. I'm a little attached to my religion. ;)

Anyway now that you know, try not to vote just on religion since most are so diluted or weird or begin with. Try to look at the type of person the candidate is and and his failures and successes. At the very least look at Romney's fiscal record in businesses he takes businesses who are failing and turns them around. Now to me that sounds like experience our entire country needs.

I know things get twisted, and I dont believe anything I hear. That is why I researched it. And I dont dislike anyone bc of their beliefs. Just dont agree always.
And I wasnt saying that was my reason on voting...but I think a president will be a big part of the end of times.
(^which I do agree with)
Amy, I am looking it up now...kinda weird I opened my bible up and it was right at ezekiel.
Ok after reading, I took that as making the old testament & new on book. Not separate. But it definetly is interesting. New topic for me & my gma :)
Most Christains think that, but back in the day that ezekiel was writing, people wrote on scroll which when rolled up resemble "Sticks" It mentions the house of Judah(Jews- the record is what we know of as the bible today), and the stick of Joseph. In the Book of Mormon Lehi's descendants were of the lineage of Joseph, hence Stick of Joseph is the Book of Mormon.

It's one of those books that no matter what anyone says is something people have a hard time swallowing, especially if they were born and raised to only believe in the Bible. That's why in my church, they tell you to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true (and if you do you will know). Don't rely on other people's testimonies in life, because it's really easy to fall away when you do that. I know, because I did most of my life lol.
Def don't think faith is a bad attribute even if I don't agree totally with it. It is a religion that has many followers. Actually have many cousins and an uncle and aunt. I'd say look at what each guy represents for me that's what I am looking at. Just look at everything realistically and don't by in to the hype. Trust your gut and good luck with your choice. Hope all is well.
...and that's it!  I know nothing changed her thought towards my religion, but it was fun having an opportunity to defend it. :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


I feel bad that I haven't been keeping up with this journal as much as I should be, especially since I'm in a very critical part of my life and goals. I'm still reading the Book of Mormon, when I moved back to Colorado life just got... busy. But I'm so close I can taste it. And then I can do what the Book of Mormon promises. Read and then pray and you will KNOW and have a testimony of Heavenly Father. But my Bishop in NY told me to pray before and after I read each time and that I can have many experiences where I feel the spirit. And I can say that I have... so often. I always thought of God as some distant being that we're all just supposed to believe in and have faith in, but he's not. He can guide us in our everyday life. I pray to him as a friend instead of some distant royal father or something and I feel the spirit constantly, I get answers, I get promises, and I get so much comfort. I can't deny how much he's been there for me when I ask him to be. He has CARRIED me this last year and it has been amazing seeing such a wonderful change in my life and heart and finding that true happiness I've been looking for for so long now. I've had that "might change of heart". I'm just so blessed!! And recently I have asked him to help me with one of my biggest weakness and to help turn it into a strength, and I believe, no I KNOW he's helping me reach that goal. I am just so blessed. I'll let you know how it goes after I finish reading the BOM this week. :):)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have a very heavy heart tonight. My sweet baby Grayson is sick. Constantly throwing up. I am so grateful to be there for him and rock him to sleep. I'm grateful for the gift I have to be his mom right now. As I rock him and hold him like you would a baby, I'm reminded of that last day in the hospital with Austin. I held him like a baby too, he was so heavy and so cold. Weighed about the same as Gray does now. I'm just so thankful that I still have the opportunity to raise these three kids although I'm completely and utterly crushed that I couldn't use my mom healing powers with Austin and just rock him until he got better and could get up and play like all little boys should. It just breaks my heart. Feeling Grayson's warmth and hearing his breath is the most precious feeling and sound in the world. I will never take those things for granted. I will cherish those nights I'm up all night will my sick baby, it my newborn won't stop crying. My perspective has changed and all those stressful moment just melt into gratitude. I don't really know how to explain it, I just love my kids so much. All four of them.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Reading again.

I saw this and it inspired me to get back to my goal of reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it.

"And if we were to ask all of you how many have a testimony, not a belief because somebody else has said so, but how many of you have an assurance that this is God’s work, that Jesus is the Christ, that we are living eternal lives, that Joseph Smith was a prophet of the Living God, you would answer that you have this testimony that buoys you up and strengthens you and gives you satisfaction as you go forward in the world. …

...we are not dependent upon one or two or a half dozen individuals. There are thousands of members of this Church who know—it is not a question of imagination at all—they know that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ and that we are the children of God."

I want that assurance and not to live in someone else's testimony. I'm in Hel chapter 7. Not much to go!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Tonight I'm feeling so off. I feel like as I'm taking time getting used to Claire, that I'm completely neglecting my relationship with Lily and Grayson. I feel like they are just so far away from me right now. I want to be 100% there for each of them... all of the time and still get everything else I need to do on top of that. I just want to hold them and play with them and I want them to grow up to be good people.

Monday, May 07, 2012


Lily is only 5 and she is one of the most amazing girls I have ever met. She is strong, positive, and has the purest of hearts. But lately I've been very worried about her. I feel like she's had to endure so many things in her short life and it's starting to wear on her. She lost her very best friend, she lost her dad twice, people come in and out of her life constantly, she's moved around so much already. I just hate that she's had to live so much in such a short time. Maybe she'll find strength in it, but lately I've been seeing something that I don't want to see. She's been acting out, losing her temper, not listening, sleep walking/talking. And when I do get " control" it's like you see loss in her eyes. I'm sure she just feels like she has no control and that things keep happening to her. I really hope all of this doesn't make her unstable as an adult. I wish I were a better parent for her. I just know I'm doing it all wrong and her craziness will be because I made the wrong parenting choices. How to I turn all of this into strength? How can I make her feel like she can do anything? I just feel like she is so lost and I don't know what to do. Children should not have to feel this way. Lily should just play and dance and enjoy her life, not worry about the next days events and who's coming and going in her life. My poor, sweet baby girl has so much pain in her life, I just want to take it away.

Ugh i just can't sleep. I wish I could make her life easier on her. She's been through so much. No child should have so much happen to her at the young age of 5. I just worry about her.

Sunday, May 06, 2012


I'm very headstrong.  When I decide something, it can be difficult for anyone (myself included) to talk me out of it.  As a kid/teen it worked against me.  If I decided I was going to be a certain way, I never quit.  My parents had a very hard time with me as their daughter lol.  As a undeveloped kid I cared about all the wrong things and made lots of mistakes BUT as an adult I see it as a gift!  

I may struggle with things but the second I decide "it's time", my headstrong ways kick in and help me in amazing ways!  Even Chris is surprised how easily I can tackle something I've been struggling with forever just because I decide it's time.  After that my mind is made up and it becomes EASY!  Crazy right??  

The DAY I decided I was putting my past behind me and stopped partying and everything that came with that world was the last day I did it.  I never turned back.  And before that day I was kind of wild. 

For years I was completely addicted to chocolate, it actually started replacing meals with chocolate!  I went through a bag of chocolate in a sitting!  I wouldn't go to the grocery store if we were out of food, but if we were out of chocolate, I'd grab the kids at midnight and run out to stock up.  It was bad.  But once I decided it was time I was easy!!  I'm going on three months without chocolate!

I haven't worked out, well, ever.  I wasn't an athletic kid.  I never felt the need.  Chris started pushing me to start working out because he was concerned about my health (so much chocolate lol).  And I tries to workout and eat better but I hated it lol.  I'm really weak before I decide it's time.  It usually takes some building up to get there (in this case 5 years).  But again a week ago I decided it was time!  It's only been a week but I haven't missed a workout, my diet is so much better, I'm driven!  I know I can tackle this just like everything else I set my mind to, it's my gift!  

My broad goal is to be the best wife and mother I can be.  To be healthy and live an active lifestyle.  To be spiritually stable and have a great relationship with Heavely Father.  To be an amazing photographer with a booked schedule and to be at a point where I can take on only shoots I want.  And to enjoy life!  Just watch, I'm going to keep pushing until all my dreams come true!  These ones and my future ones!  I'm driven.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Homework with Kenzie!