Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Little Christmas Morning

This morning was so much fun! Lily is still enjoying all her gifts! I think her favorite part was unwrapping the presents. Austin… well he’s sleeping. Worn out from all the excitement I guess :)
Tonight we’re going to celebrate Christmas with Chris’s Dad and Karen. Then we’re going to celebrate Christmas with my family on Thursday! I love Christmas… it’s the most wonderful time of the year!
I think when we have more money I want to start having a second tree for all the gifts we want to donate to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. They’ve been SO GREAT to us, and we want to give back somehow.
Anyway a nurse from Dekalb Medical Center is coming over in about an hour to see Austin and check on his environment so I’ve got some cleaning to do!!!
Sorry it's dark... the lighting wasn't great
Cookies for BREAKFAST???
the presents
my boys
I have the coolest family... ever!
My wonderful family
Lily LOVED opening presents...
all of them... even Austin's :)
Lily's new doll
and my new ring from Chris :) :)
Lily's favorite gift
She's so cute!!

Another video

O'Neal Christmas Eve '08

(the family room)

Since we are going to my parent’s house for Christmas, we decided to have our own little early Christmas this year. I wanted to have a Christmas with just my little family… and besides my sisters REALLY helped us out this year when it comes to presents! I have the BEST family EVER! Anyway so Santa will come tomorrow instead of Wednesday.
Today we had our Christmas Eve. We listened to Christmas music, ate ham and other fun treats, had the fire going, and just hung out as a family! Then we watched Charade, put the kids to bed, and started getting Christmas ready. I’m so excited to post pictures of tomorrow… I think it looks great!
I love being on the other side of things now. It’s a bit more stressful, and I’m sure it will be A LOT more stressful when I actually have to go shopping, but I really enjoy seeing things from the parent’s eyes. Being a mom is so much fun during Christmas! Even cooking and cleaning is more exciting! I guess it’s because it’s not just everyday cooking… it’s CHRISTMAS! I’m SO excited to watch Lily open her presents tomorrow! Whenever family or friends have brought her presents in the past week or so she has been so excited! Everything is like winning the lottery to her! Her eyes light up, she gasps, and then she’s in heaven! And so am I :)
Also this is Austin’s first Christmas… ever. He won’t really enjoy it… but that’s okay. He’s a present himself! But I’m glad that he’s apart of the family now. Having four stockings hanging up just feels… right. He’s just so CUTE!!!

Our small Christmas dinner
(excited for the REAL meal at my parent's)
Don't forget to watch the video!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

internet FINALLY!

Okay well everything in our home is starting to look up. We just got internet/ cable, our car and household goods are now here, and our family is starting to become more comfortable. Austin is so much fun to have around. Lily looks for him every time she wakes up to see if he’s still here. Lily’s been a little moody today, because her grandma just left. But I think she’s doing great otherwise. Our family is stronger and happier than ever! The only bad thing is how trashed our house is! I’ve only got the kitchen done and I’m SO not motivated to do anything else. These boxes are overwhelming! Also I think our couches have to be the ugliest couches ever! If we were richer I would have a huge bon fire simply to have these two couches destroyed so nobody would have to look at them ever again. But we’re not so we will have to look at them for the next 40 years of our lives. Hopefully our kids destroy them before the 40 years are up… so we’ll have an excuse to buy new ones. Anyway here are some pictures off my camera.

The day Austin got sent home/ Lily got to meet him
who is he? first hug
WELCOME HOME AUSTIN!!!!family time
"where's Austin's nose?"

Austin's first Bath
(at home)

Look at that cute clean fuzzy hair!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a few pictures...

Here are a few pictures of our little Austin.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Austin in ICU

Hey everyone, it's Natalie again. I just wanted to do a quick update for you. Here are some pictures of our little Austin from this past week. He has been such a good boy. He was in the High ICU until Sunday morning, then they moved him to the step down ICU. In the step down ICU, he has had his own room and Amy has had to stay with him all day and night. He had most of his tubes removed before being transferred to the step down ICU.
Amy was able to bring Austin home today. She had to attend hours of classes today to learn everything she needs to know to take care of him and he had to pass all his tests. He even had to pass a car seat test to make sure he would be able to breath right while in his car seat.
I will post again when I get more information!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

At the hospital

I'm at the children's hospital right now and the nurses are changing shifts so I suppose I should update since I have a few free minutes. I got to hold Austin twice the day he was born and even those were really short periods. It's really hard seeing your baby all tubed up and there's nothing you can do to comfort him. He just looked so miserable! I wanted to hold him and just fix everything. Well today I got to hold him nonstop! They let me hold him, feed him, change his diapers...! I felt like his mom and I knew that he knew me. Today was overall a good day. All his tubes are off now except for a tube in his nose (just in case he doesn't eat well) and an IV in his hands. They're preparing him to come home with me for a while so he can grow for his surgeries that are coming up. They told me that Austin will atleast have 3 open heart surgeries. I don't know how I will handle it when that time comes, but as of now all I'm going to worry about is getting him bigger so the surgeries can be more successful.
Seriously I know Austin is a cute little baby and everyone wants to see him, but I can't chance him getting sick, and I don't want people around much. Not right now. My stress and emotion level is not at it's best and we're just not up for visitors. And we don't need extra help right now. I don't want to come off as mean, but Austin is my baby and his health is priority right now. Natalie will be updating for me when I can't, so if you want an update... check my blog. Chris and I are busy and don't have time for all this socializing that the whole world seems to want. And don't get mad at us if we don't respond to your calls like I said before Austin is our priority.
As for Lily, she is handling this situation like a champ. My mom is taking care of her and she is doing great. I can't wait till she FINALLY gets to meet her baby brother... I know she'll love him... sometimes. I think this will be hard on her, but now she's not an only child so it was going to happen sooner or later. I just hope she doesn't bite him.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Austin Update

Hey Everyone. This is Amy's sister, Natalie. Amy asked me to come and do a quick update for everyone.

First of all, Amy is doing really well. She was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday morning and has been recovering well. She doesn't have Internet at home, so it is hard for her to update the blog or emails for anyone. So, you can call her if you need an update. I will also try my hardest to keep this updated. Please remember that Amy is spending most her time in the ICU with Austin and can't have her cell phone on while in that area of the hospital, so if she doesn't answer, just leave her a message and she will TRY to return calls when she leaves.

Austin is doing alright. He was moved to the children's hospital on Tuesday morning. They have been taking really good care of him. They did some test a few days ago and found that his heart IS missing the pulmonary artery. They thought it might be there, but after they were able to really look with the better machines, they determined that it is not there. So, right now, the plan is to let Austin grow for about 4 to 6 weeks before doing the surgery. They had him on a breathing tube the past few days, but they took him off that yesterday morning and he was able to eat his first meal last night (happy thanksgiving). Amy said that he really liked eating and he seemed very happy. That is a very good sign. So, they are going to try to send him home sometime next week to let him grow. I am sure that Amy will not want a lot of visitors at that time. So, please make sure you call before you go to her house. It is better if Austin doesn't get sick at this time. They will be training Amy and Chris on how to take care of Austin and will be sending home some monitors to keep tabs on Austin. They will also need to take Austin to the doctors a few times a week.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! I know Amy and Chris really appreciate it at this time!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Welcome to the World Austin Christopher


Austin has made his entrance into the world. He was born at 5:03pm, weighs 6 lbs 14 oz, and is 18.5 inches long.

We know everyone has questions about his little heart. He has Pulmonary Atresia with VSD. He does have a pulminary artery, but it is very thin. They are very concerned about this but said that it is possible that with surgery it can grow and that the surgeon at Egeston Hospital is a miracle worker. The whole thing is too complicated for me to write, but the wall seperating the two sides of the heart is missing. They have given him medication that will keep the line open that was inside Amy. This will give him a day or two before they have to decide exactly how and when the surgeries will occur. He has tubes and oxegen hooked to him and he is doing very well. He is going to have a blessing at about 9pm when Amy can go down to the Newborn ICU.

Austin was so well taken care of. You should have seen the team that came into the room as he was born. He is beautiful and has great color. We have so much faith that all will be well.

We will post pictures in just a few minutes!

Just a word about Amy. She did great. She has such determination and she pushed him out in about 10 was amazing. She is trying to keep her emotions in check, but this has been a very stressful day. She is sending me off to Sams club to get her pizza, pretzels, and a smoothee...It seems she is doing well.

The Breaking of the Water

Amy's doctor and nurse just came in and broke her water. We had a fun time laughing with them (imagine that). Her doctor has yet to have a child of her own and she says that at 37 weeks she is getting the epidural and then waiting the remaining weeks out until the baby drops out. She is still looking for an anesthesiologist who is willing to do this...They are such nice ladies. We have enjoyed working with them.

Finally Resting...Sort Of...

Amy had a hard time during the epidural. She is trying to get a little rest. It has been a very long day and night. She is starving... They would like her to sleep a bit so that she will have some strength to push later on. Amy is concerned that her friends and family might want to come vist. She is requesting that no one comes until I let you know on the blog. Right after the birth there is going to be a lot going on with the intensive care newborn unit. She said that she almost died...take that for what it is worth. Can you tell we are getting closer. She is dialated to 5 and heading to 6. She is having really strong contractions now. Lucky for her she can't feel them!

Getting Ready for the Epidural

So Amy is getting VERY ornery. They have are pumping the IV fluid so they can start the epidural. Here they come...yeah!

baby update 6- 10:40

I just got up from a little nap and these contractions are growing. The nurse just came in and told me that the doctor is about to come in and break my water. Then hopefully soon after that I’ll get an epidural and then BABY TIME!!! The nurse is really nice. I’m seriously starving! This contraction is KILLLING ME!!! But they’re livable. I really hope I get to atleast see him before they take him away.

The doctor just came in and said that Austin’s head isn’t low enough to break the water quite yet, but they’re going to get more aggressive with the inducing. She told me that they’ll give me the epidural before the water breaking :) :)

baby update 5- 8:35

(my company)
I’m so tired! They gave me that ambian and I slept okay… but not well. Chris is back. He couldn’t sleep so he went home to shower. He smells really nice and fresh. I’m so starving it hurts, but it’s nice to know that Chris won’t eat till I can. He’s hungry too. They upped my dosage so my contractions are getting even worse. The nurse said that once I’ve dilated to 4 they will be able to give me an epidural. I feel so drowsy. I really hope that this whole thing turns out well… I really. really hope.

Baby Update #4 - 6:25 am

This is Amy's mom. I am taking over the update duty....

Amy has been having steady contractions on her own all night. They came in about 15 minutes ago and checked her. She is not really progressing...which is actually what they wanted to have happen. They have started her on pitocin. They are doing this at 1/2 the normal beginning dose. The reason is that they want all the doctors that need to be ready for baby Austin to be on duty. They don't want a surprise. I think Amy would like a surprise though. It has been a long night. I just sent Chris home to take a short nap. He has been awake all night with Amy. This room is amazing. It is bigger than my master bedroom. Babies are born in luxury these days... unlike the cold hosital green rooms that my babies were born in.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

baby update 3- 12:07

( my iv)
I know I just updated... but the nurse just came in and told me that she's going to give me some ambian and something in my IV to help me get some sleep and they're going to check to see if I've dialated anymore in a little bit. I think that they are planning on starting the inducing at 5 am tomorrow... if I need it. So HOPEFULLY I can get some sleep. AWW I hear another baby crying :)

baby update 2- 11:55 pm

The monitors
I'm SO hungry, Chris is DEAD asleep and these contractions are getting a little worse. I'm really tired but there's no way on earth I'll be able to fall asleep! My back is KILLING ME! I forgot how much i hate labor! Seriously... death. Earlier I heard this woman screaming at the top of her lungs... she sounded like she was on her death bed... and then I heard her stop and then the only thing I could hear was a sweet baby crying. It scared me at first, but the baby reminded me of the mission I'm on. I wish Chris would wake up and keep me company, but he really should get some sleep. WOW this baby wants out!

baby update 1- 10:30 pm

(camera pic... no good)
I’m here… and it turns out they may not have to induce me after all. I’m having contractions on my own (having one)… okay better. Anyway We got here at 8 and it’s now 10:30. I think they’re going to see how far along I am at midnight. My contractions are about every 3 minutes right now. It’s funny every time I write that word I have one… anyway It’s definitely happening! I miss Lily so much already. I rarely ever leave her over night. I always say goodnight and that I love her before she goes to bed… apart of me always gets scared that I won’t see her in the morning. Anyway changing the subject…I past out when they gave me the IV. I got SOOOO tired right now after, but they gave me apple juice and now things are better. Anyway one of us will update later.