Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh Marie. Frozen Dinners don't do you justice.

Today was great. Well first off let me say that I will actually be in Germany for the next 3 years. It’s 3 if your family comes with. Anyway when I took my friend to the airport awhile back I decided to kind of make a day out of it. Lily and I went to the mall. The Tucson Mall is nice. Anyway I was looking at the restaurants around that mall. I about died…Sweet Tomatoes, Marie Calendars, Tony Roma’s, and just a bunch of my favorites. Well anyway I went home. Like usual I always buy things without trying them on. Well the pants I got at Hollister were both SKINNY PANTS! Those DO NOT flatter my body by any means. So I of course got a lector from Chris :). Well today we decided to go spend the day up there. It was a wonderful day. We went shopping. I got new jeans that look great! We just enjoyed our day. ESPECIALLY eating at Marie Calendars. Chris got this Mac and cheese thing, and I got chicken broccoli fettuccini. He also got the soup/ salad bar. I ate a lot of that too! The corn bread was AMAZING, the potato soup rocked, The brown sugar blueberry muffins were so delish I snuck some home with me haha. And my meal AND his meal was SOOO amazing. We have leftovers! Also they are having this deal so you can get a pie for 5 dollars! We brought home a coconut cream pie :) We haven’t tried it yet, but that place is great! I’ve only had breakfast there… dinner is even better! So what if I enjoy eating way too much!

Amy wives get together once a week now. This week we watched Mean Girls at my place and ate LOTS of junk food :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

family is love

Okay so I decided I have the two best families ever. I can’t wait to see my “bigger” family this Christmas. I love just sitting around the family room playing our computers, playing games, getting into fights, and being the family we are. As far as my family goes, I can’t believe how it turned out. I’m not going to lie. When Chris and I FIRST got married I thought it was just for Lily. I mean I knew that and did it anyway, because I loved Chris and wanted to have him be part of my family. Well since basic Chris has completely changed his priorities. Where he wasn’t even close to committing before, now he’s probably more committed than me! He has stopped drinking, he wants to get home early in evening to put Lily to bed a watch a movie with me, where before he would ALWAYS want to go to the stupid bar. He loves me so much I he shows it every single day. Yeah we still get into our stupid little fights, but who doesn’t? We will get in many big ones too. We are young, and that REALLY scared me. I got married at age 18… think about what’s the percentage of failing marriages at our age? Even more than that what the failing percentage of army marriages? Pretty high. So how would I not be scared? I was frightened to death. I mean nobody in family has ever gotten divorced. And Chris has never wanted to be like his dad when it came to marriage. So we are committed. I know it will be hard. Heck, I already wish I had waited. I missed out on a lot of fun times, but now that I’m creating my own family with the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, I have hope that we will make it. Yeah, I know it’s just the beginning and I have no idea what is to come… but I’m ready. And I have faith. And unless he beats me, or cheats on my multiple times, I won’t give up on us. Ever. Even when he wants to I’ll make him hold on. Because divorce is for weak people. Chris and I are getting stronger by the minute. I know there will be guys out there that probably would have been better for me and the same goes for Chris, but we chose each other. We made that choice. I chose Chris to love for the rest of my life. He chose me. It will be hard, and we will have to work on it every single day. But I want to. And I will. Chris and I are a forever thing.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My OLD little girl!

Happy 9 months Lily!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

For 2 years I will live in...


lame. Oh well atleast I'll be able to see the world.

Chris gave Lily a little piece of cake, and she had so much fun I couldn't stop her. So instead I took pics. This makes me excited for her first birthday when she gets to eat a WHOLE cake. Sorry the pics are just from a camera phone...

Saturday, October 13, 2007


we all went and ate at B dubbs

Hanging out at my place!

Chris and I were the witnesses at their wedding

My birthday

And this last sunday I was in bed napping and when I woke up I went to look for Chris and Lily. They were in her room like this:

OH and by Wednesday we will know where our new home will be :)or :(