Monday, June 13, 2011


Just showing my sister all my new equipment.
My studio is mostly for individuals or small families, i don't have a ton of room yet... that why these pics are so squeezed.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


^^See I'm not bad.^^

I'm so discouraged. Everyday is so full of pain. I keep thinking I should get blessings, but my mom read a talk tome that basically said getting blessings more than once can actually be a lack of faith. So I've turned photography into my coping mechanism. I finally started my business. But here's the thing... nobody wants them. I know people who have two bookings a day, I've had two ever and I gave them for free. I mean I know I'm good. And I only charge $80, plus a free cd. I mean that's less than walmart! And my pictures are soooo much better. I mean should I lower my prices?? I just feel stuck, and the only way to go on is to keep busy doing something I love. But EVERY photographer is getting work and I'm not.

I just NEED to occupy my mind so I'm not just crying all the time! ugh!