Monday, December 31, 2007

Sportin' my new H&M coat

Phtography by: Natalie Putnam
(My rockin' sister)

Christmas eve



... that's all.
thanks em

Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a year!

This was one crazy year for the O’Neal family. We started out with absolutely nothing and now we find ourselves with more joy and happiness than we can handle. The year started out rough. The New Year took me by surprise and made me rethink my life plan and if Chris was the man for me. We struggled and didn’t have answers. But by the eighteenth of that month we took a complete turn as our first daughter, Lily, was now officially apart of our lives. She is such a light in our lives and now that she is in ore lives… we can’t imagine a life without her. We adored every moment of the year with our sweet, sweet angel. Then in February, Chris and I joined together in marriage. That was a beautiful day. We shined. I married my Chris… the man I love so much. He is such a beautiful man. He even wore a pink tie for me. You can see the love he has for me more and more each day. I know he loves me so much and I will love him for the rest of my life. A baby and marriage in one year… how much more could there be? Well Chris got hurt working as a pizza delivery boy, which I think was God helping me out a little. Well we were living at home, unemployed, with a baby we needed to provide for. So guess what we did next? We joined the U.S. Army. I think it was the third best decision we had ever made. I love the army so much. So after a lot of hard times when he was gone, we finally moved away from home and finally started a life of our own. We got to establish ourselves as our own family in Arizona. I moved there while he was in training still. Well while we were there we found where we would be stationed next. Out of all the bases in the world, we were blessed with Belgium. I haven’t heard one bad thing about that country. We get to start our adventure in a new country. Belgium will be a place I call home and I’m so excited I can hardly wait! What a great way to start out a new year. I don’t think we’ll ever beat this year though. It was the year I finally took my first LEAP into a brand new world I call life!

my family

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

full of love

OH New York you are so beautiful. Pouring snow the other day was such a gift.

Lily you are the most beautiful baby I know.

Cousins full of love Lily’s work of art
Gingerbread and some wrapping paper

You know it used to bother me how my life was always changing. I could never just keep the same friends, do the same things, or be the same person. When friends drifted away I would reminisce on the old times and long for it again. I was never much of a seize the day kind of girl. Now look at me. I’m an army wife. Chris and I decided we love it so much that we are going to make it a career instead of just a contract. That men for the next 20 years or so I won’t be staying in one place longer than just a few years, I won’t be able to keep my friends close, and with change comes change. I won’t be the same girl I am now. You want to know something though? I love it! I love having those friends in the past and moving forward with my family to a new world with the people I’ll call family for just a short three years. Then saying goodbye and starting all over in a new home with a new family. I love that Chris, Lily, and I can be together forever. I love that we will change and have all of our experiences together. I’m happy to say goodbye to Georgia and everything that came with that home. I’m happy to have lived in Arizona and was able to establish my family as being our own with nobody’s help. I’m just so thankful for my family and I’m glad that I can now have one of my own. I’m excited to have a big family with my Christers. I’m glad I chose him.

Love the family you’re in♥Love the family you begin.