Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby BOY

So I was right! We're having a little baby BOY! Chris got to get off work to come find out with me! Lily loved seeing her little brother... and kept pointing at him! Oh and OF COURSE they took a gallon of blood again. It's their favorite thing to do! I got my blood work from last visit back and I'm very healthy and so is the baby! Oh and today I made ALL my appointement from now until a week after my due date so they won't screw me over again like they were about to this month. Also I found out that when I have the baby I'll get my own room for the delivery part but afterwards I have to go into a room with someone else! They SHARE rooms out here! They'll be a curtain keeping us apart, but that's not enough. I COULD have my own room for an extra 100 EURO A DAY!!! Yeah right! I will just share... I guess it's all apart of having a true belgian experience.

Friday, June 27, 2008


It's weird how when girls are feeling down a cute new outfit or pair of shoes can put them in a good mood. Well that's how I am with my hair. If I have a great haircut or hair color I'm in a great mood. I think I peak when I have my side bangs, layered hair (with modern curves), and when my hair is blonde. Right now it's grown out, very straight and thin, and a plain brown color. So since i'm not spending the money to go to Utah or anywhere this summer... I think I'm going to just pay the euro rate and get myself a cute haircut. I WANT the coloring too, but I know my hair grows too fast when I'm pregnant, and I don't want my hair half blonde half brown on the delivery bed... I already look like crap after giving birth and I'm not adding to it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chris rocks!

I called him all upset about the appointment and he found out my doctors CELL PHONE number and personally called her (which I'm glad he got, because he told me he was going to go through his chain of command all the way to the commander of the hospital... that had be a little worried)! I could hardly get in touch with her secretary! Anyway now my next apt. is June 30th! So I'll know the sex on monday!! Chris definitely has a voice... and I don't. So I'm glad he called! Anyway that's my good news!

July 18th

So there was FINALLY an opening! So my next obgyn apt. is in July! Chris said he's going to the commander... it took me two months to get an apt... they didn't even see me at all in June! What's going to happen when I need to have weekly visits? So i guess I won't know the sex until then.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In my home... I'm going to die!!
Our fans are on and our windows are open.
I'm starting to feel sick.
Belgium needs to get with the times and start putting AC in the homes!

16 weeks

Sorry I'm putting this up a week late, but I just thought about getting it off the camera.
I'm a little bigger now... and I'm laying down in this pic.
But i like to lay, because it makes it so you only see baby and not all the extra I got going right now.
I love that every morning i can tell that I've grown... just a little.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I now have four books to read so I think I'm good for awhile!

Right now- The DaVinci Code - GREAT SO FAR!
Next- If Tomorrow come
Then- Loves Music, Loves To Dance
Finally- The Host (I just bought it yesterday at the PX!)

So I have a full list of books to read now. And since I can't read as often as I was- I think it will take me a good while to get through these!

Thanks Ems and mom for sending me books!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Today Show

I was watching the news today and they had a story on teen pregnancies. Pretty much since 2006 the states have rose A LOT! It's the new "fad" and teens are trying to get pregnant! Then they said all the reasons for teens to want to get pregnant... needing love, a community that accepts them, doesn't have a good family support system. Well I had a great family. I was always taught right from wrong, and none of my friends were having sex... in fact most of them were virgins! As a teen mom I wouldn't say those were my personal reasons. I was a teen that just thought it couldn't happen to me. I had a boyfriend that I really liked a lot, and sex was just apart of it. Like kissing, hanging out, going on dates... it just went along with those. I mean I wasn't too worried about my virtue since I left that back in the 9th grade. So what was the big deal... and my mind never fully considered pregnancy. Which is so stupid! I've ALWAYS done things the hard way! Well anyway now that I'm living it... I'm a teen mom. I see all these girls going down this road and it freaks me out! I was VERY fortunate to have Chris as the father, because he's an AMAZING father and husband. We have good lives, live on our own, and make well enough money to support a family of our own. But I see these girls getting pregnant, having babies, and just living at home while their parents babysit all the time! It makes me MAD at myself for EVER living at home after Lily was born! I know when it comes down to it, I was stupid and should have NEVER become pregnant. I had no job, I lived at home, I had nothing going for me... Chris wasn't even REALLY there. I was stupid. I don't know what I'm trying to say, but I just wish so much that these girls would figure it out! Because i didn't. I have no regrets and I'm so happy that i can have a family with Chris and that we are doing so great, but like I said before... I WAS LUCKY! If Chris decided he didn't love me and we just went our seperate ways, I would have nothing. I'd still be at home... working my butt off just to pay for childcare, because my parents aren't stupid... they wouldn't just take Lily and raise her for me while I go out and party... even if they'd love too. Anyway I just feel for these girls... that's all.
And I hate that parents are letting these girls live at home fully supported while they play!
No wonder girls don't care to get pregnant!
Why not... have a little "dolly" that's cute and then let their parents do all the hard work!

Friday, June 20, 2008

stupid dreams!

I hate when I watch a movie and fall asleep around 9 and then wake up WIDE AWAKE at 1! I've always done that and it's so weird! When I fall asleep during the day and wake up later in the day I'm always still tired. I've always been like that I suppose.

Anyway right before I woke up I was dreaming that I was with my family in Utah. My mom, dad, sisters, and family from my mom's side were there. We were all around the table eating turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, and lynn wilson burritos. There was more to my dream, but that was the only part that affected my wake up! I woke up SO thirsty! Then SO hungry! I'm still hungry and I ate chicken nuggets and just things in the fridge. Ugh I could eat all that food from my dream. I'm NEEDING it now, but I'm not about to make a thanksgiving meal! But MAN I'm wanting one BAD! Seriously I'm dying right now. Nothing else will do! It has to be my mom's too! Anyway I got to stop typing before I DIE!

growing up

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So... when are you due?

Yesterday at the grocery store I got asked for the first time this pregnancy! I was excited that I'm big enough for someone to have enough guts to ask! I kept thinking... what if I wasn't?? I mean in my eyes I just look like I need to be sent to fat camp and left there. I didn't mention anything about being pregnant or anything! It was so out of the blue! I wasn't expecting it so when he asked I hesitated and the first thing that came out was JANUARY! That was the month Lily was due! It came out of nowhere! I'm due in November... I need to get that in my head! I always hesitate when people ask me questions like that. How old Lily is, how far along I am, what Lily weighed at birth... my mind ALWAYS goes blank! So I end up telling the stupid lie that pops out of my mouth and then when I figure out my mistake I'm too embarrasted to correct myself so I just keep the lies rolling. It's almost 2 am and I've been in bed trying to go to sleep since 10 pm! I TRY SO HARD to get to sleep! But either the baby won't stop shifting in my belly, I can't control my heartburn, I can't get comfortable, or I can't stop THINKING! I came down here to call my mom to complain, but I decided that I'd be more satisfied telling the world, already knowing what my mom will say (to read something boring like the Bible or a computer manuel) Oh I went to my WIC apt. yesterday too, and the lady said I weigh less than I did to begin with and that I need to gain 6 pounds to be healthy... STUPID! I eat ALL DAY LONG! I feel fat without gaining more weight! I HATE this stage of my pregnancy! I'm not fat! I just look it!
Oh and both Tana and Jenny are as antisocial as me! So I'm not being crazy! It must be a pregnancy thing! Tana says she'd rather stay home and sleep and Jenny won't leave her house either! So I'm being NORMAL in hating going out of my house and doing ANYTHING!

Anyway I'm out of things to say...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

15 weeks!

Lily is so cute! We have a big girl bed for her for when the next baby comes
and she loves to climb up to watch her cartoons
We found her asleep on the edge!
I guess we have to put up the protection siding a little early! I wish a camera could REALLY capture it at this point!
I just look like a little fat bump!

This one I'm sucking it!

Look how my belly button isn't centered anymore.

but it's really hard and looks bigger in person!
I'm growing faster this pregnancy than last!

Besides the belly
I now feel light kicks... not strong yet.
(hopefully next week they'll be stronger)
and today was the first day my boobs producing that weird before milk syrup stuff

... gross.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's day weekend- full of flavor

We ate SO GOOD today to start our 4 day weekend with a kick!
We had eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy for breakfast!
(Chris's mom's way)

We had our FIRST watermelon of the year today for lunch
... and it was BETTER than I remember! Nat was right Pregnant food at it's best!

Then for dinner we had Tomato Soup with whole milk instead of water and salt and pepper (the BEST way to make it!)
... and Grilled Cheese sandwiches! The meal filled every part of my stomach! It was AMAZING!

Then tonight we are going to have rootbeer floats for dessert when we snuggle up in bed to watch a action movie (it's father's day weekend so movies are his choice)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Since I'm coming to the STATES this summer I decided to list my desired foods!

francesco's (Uncle Tom's)
Speghetti Factory
Chuck-A-Rama (I had a dream about this place the other night!!! YUM!)
Taco Bell (or any american taco place! mmm that Mexican place near grandpa's that he took us to once!)
Lynn Wilson Bean and Cheese BURRITOS!!
... those are my main food lusts!

Also I want to do a little shopping while I'm there and get some clothes on the cheap economy!

And I want to go to the pool with Lily atleast once, because there's no pools out here
(not even a community one)... and Lily needs to experience the fun of water outside the bath!

And when we were all there last time we left all the kids with someone willing and all the girls went out for desserts! I think whenever we all get together we should do that as a tradition. It was so much fun last time and I really enjoyed our girl talk! So I hope we can do that if Nat can come!


oh and if anyone needs me to bring anything out from here like a certain chocolate, lace, or anything belgian... let me know!

Monday, June 09, 2008


I've been getting these headaches every single day, and they seem to be getting worse and worse! UGH my head is going to fall off!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ashes in the Wind

Shelbey used to say that when she reads good books that really make her happy she hugs the book at the ending. I never thought I'd do the same, but Ashes in the Wind was a beaitiful story and it really touched me. I can't believe how it struck me... I'm STILL smiling about the ending. I think this book was so wonderful in every aspect! UGH! I loved it so much!

Anyway... if you haven't read it I BEG you to reconsider!

Ashes in the Wind
Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Friday, June 06, 2008

my little smiling rockstar

Mom asked for some Lily Pictures... and videos. But Lily wasn't wanting to do the different smiles or the dance so I just took a few of her playing.

lily is ALWAYS folding her arms...
even behind her back
(parade rest)

Oh And Happy Birthday Lou Bug!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sorry sisters!

I won't be able to make it out this July!

But Christmas is a different story! So go to NY for Christmas!
... come see my babys!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pregnacy update

Now that I'm beginning the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy it's time for an update.

Little baby bump now always showing and making me feel fat.
Low blood pressure
ALWAYS THIRSTY... to the point that I wake up during the night dying of thirst.
Really tired
MOODY as can be
not interested in sex at all
having to pee ALL THE TIME!
craving junk food
swelling fingers making my ring fit nice and tight
I now get sick a little in the mornings again... but never throw up
... and I feel better once I eat
cry a lot... especially while watching movies and reading books.

I'm sure there's more... but these are the major ones.

Monday, June 02, 2008


This past month I've been having some... issues. I've lost all care for friends or family's approval. I've stop doing anything around the house... it looked like hell broke loose. I've had no reason to be nice or even mean to Chris. Didn't even talk really. Just sat. No care in the world. No motivation to be.

Although, things have improved I'm still in the low. I think it partly has to do with me stopping on any medicine I took. And also how crazy my hormones have been in this particular pregnancy. Also I'm terribly homesick and this place is always so rainy and dark. It's hard to breath in a place like this.

Instead of Chris getting mad at me for ditching all my duties as a wife, he has seen the low in my eyes and decided to step up and take over. This house has stayed spotless and all the laundry has been done for over a week now... no thanks to me at all. He has cooked dinner and has taken everything you could imagine over. He's not rushing me to get better. He's be such a great guy with a smile on his face. It really makes me happy to see how much he knows me and is so helpful. He's just a blessing in my life. I'm starting to feel better and I only have him to thank.
Also I don't know why, but no matter what I do, everytime I stand up I get really dizzy and can only see spots and have to hold on to something for like 10 seconds.

Sunday, June 01, 2008