Thursday, July 31, 2008

spaghetti night & belly

Tonight we had a messy spaghetti dinner so I took Lily shirt off and put her hair up… didn’t help much! I don’t look good or anything, but since the camera was out I decided to get some belly pictures out of the way…

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cute Big Girl

Lily has been SO SO SO cute today!

Blue’s Clues-
Whenever Blue’s Clues comes on tv Lily always gets excited and jumps around screaming for joy. She dances all over the living room! Well at the beginning of the show they always show the house and then Steve sticks his head out the window and says hey and for the kids to come in. Well it was so cute, because Lily has been saying “Hi” and “bye bye” to everyone lately, and when Steve said hey she put a big smile on her face and said, “Hi” and waved at him! It was so adorable!! And then of course started dancing to the music.

Mac and Cheese-

I made some kraft macaroni and cheese for lunch today. Well we were watching tv and eating our food when I looked over at her. I knew we were eating a late lunch and it was going into her naptime, but I didn’t think she’d EVER fall asleep eating! Not my Lily! Anyway It was so cute, because she would slowly put her head down and then pop it up over and over again… kinda like you do in class whenever you’re REALLY tired, but you know if you go to sleep you’ll get in trouble. Then right before I woke her up to take her up to bed she started snoring… she was OUT!

Kix and chocolate-
Lily loves climbing everything she can get her hands on! She has been climbing the furniture for awhile now, but hadn’t discovered the dining room table. Well I guess the Kix were her motivation, because before I knew it she was on the table working through the box. It reminded me of a commercial. I could see them saying “Kix Kid tested, mother approved!”… That was of course until she saw my chocolate stash as our temporary centerpiece… then there was no hope for the kix.

Then she found the chocolate...

... and she thought I'd let her have some haha SIKE!
Anyway she just has been a doll today. I know she probably should have gone to timeout ATLEAST 5 times today, but LOOK AT HER! She’s too CUTE! Glad Chris wasn’t here… he would say, “No wonder she never listens to you”. Oh well :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

it's love

My neighbor Leann just bought a 220 (European outlet) blender and since I just got wic (frozen orange juice and milk) today we got together and made Orange Julius’s! I forgot how wonderful they are! I seriously made it perfectly! She loved them! She had only tried the ones from the mall and my Orange Julius’s are WAY better!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Things I’m excited for this weekend:

We’re FINALLY celebrating Chris’s birthday as a family

Sex and the City is playing at Shape for just 4 euro

I’m going to a “slumber party” at my friend, Leann’s house (it’s a novelty sale for girls)

I’m going shopping on Friday with my girlfriend & our kids

BREAKING DAWN will be in my hands!

My Friend, Kristen is coming to spend the rest of the weekend with me! She pretty much rocks :)

So Chris failed his tape test by 1%. So pretty much life sucks. Last night we were at a BBQ where everyone was talking about how people get away with everything in the army… because they’re so needed. Chris does everything right… he’ll stay at work extra long to stay ahead and is always trying to go above and beyond. So he fails his tape by 1% and now he gets in trouble and we can’t grow at all! Did you know that a few weeks ago the whole company had a race to see who was the fastest and best at PT and the ONLY person faster and better then Chris was his Captain! His caption is a freaking ranger! He does SO WELL at PT… he got 100% on his push ups and sit ups and he always runs 2 miles UNDER a 14! But because of his genes we will stay E-2 for the next 20 freaking years!! I’m SO not happy!! I’m very disappointed in Chris, the army, and myself. Chris for not trying hard enough, the army for letting Chris go on trips to Germany and for not looking at him as a soldier who is amazing and just let the 1% slide, and myself for being pregnant right now. I have to have crap food around and Chris isn’t THAT strong. Remember how fat Chris got during my pregnancy with Lily? I mean compared to that Chris is doing GREAT!!! I’m NOT happy right now!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

fun weekend

This weekend was really fun. I finally got out of the house and enjoyed myself! Friday night was my new friend, Kristen’s birthday party. So we went out and hung out with all her friends. She’s really nice. I met a lot of cool people. Then on Saturday night I went to see Dark Knight with a couple friends and I LOVED it! I thought that Heath Ledger was incredible! The way he laughed and then yelled was SO CREEPY! And we bumped into a bunch of people we knew. It’s amazing how many people you see when you actually leave your house! Then today Chris and I went and hung out with our neighbors and they had a little BBQ. It was really relaxing after such a busy weekend. Anyway I enjoyed my weekend A LOT!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

another needed purchase

Lily has a corner she likes to sit in when she uses the restroom. And she does little things that make me think we might want to at least have a potty around for her to get used to. Maybe we’ll put it in her corner! Anyway I was looking at baby toilets and I have no idea what to look for! Anyone know?

nothing really

Today has been so pleasant! Because the house got so messy last night I was in a hurry to vacuum up the house before Lily woke up this morning. Well then once I was already cleaning I decided to finish cleaning the home. I had already cleaned the house yesterday so it was a piece of cake! Well once Lily was up all we did was relaxed and watched Lily’s new Classical Baby: Dance, Music, and Art DVDs I just bought her. It was so soothing that both of us ended up taking naps. So pretty much the house was spotless and we just had a good day doing absolutely nothing. We haven’t even showered. I love peaceful days, but I’m ready for Chris to get home tomorrow so I can go out tomorrow night for my friend’s birthday! I need to get to the commissary to buy food for his birthday tomorrow!

Lily loves it when daddy leaves because she gets pancakes for dinner :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun!

Chris has all these guy friends in Greenpark and I’ve been kind of slow to get in the groove of things so my social life has kind of been nonexistent the past couple of months. So tonight since Chris went out of town this week, I took it upon myself to invite a few girls from Greenpark over for a movie night! Well as the week progressed I met more people so more people got invited. So in the end I had 9 Greenpark girls over. It was SO MUCH FUN! We hardly watched Clueless at all because we were having so much fun getting to know each other. We ate tons and I mean TONS of junk food. There was so much talking and it was great! I felt at home with these girls. They’re a lot like me. One of the girls is pregnant with her second kid too. Her first kid is only a few months older than Lily and they loved playing together! They fed each other and played with toys... oh and WASHABLE crayons are my new bestfriends! I forgot how much fun girl’s nights could be! I had one awhile back that was a lot of fun too, but I guess the more girls the better! I hope we do it again soon, because that was the most fun I’ve had since my antisocial breakdown. I think I might finally be getting out of that stage! I actually fely like cleaning and doing things today! But let me tell you this house is now TRASHED! Lily loved to dump whole bags of chips and goldfish and then smushed them into the floor with her new friend! A little vacuuming was worth the fun she had though! We both had a blast!

Monday, July 21, 2008

another craving

I’ve been having this crazy big craving for glazed donuts… preferably from Krispy Kreme. So I went to the commissary yesterday and I SAW THEM! I mean they weren’t from Krispy Kreme, but they certainly were glazed! I ate it and the sugar exploded in all my senses. It was everything I wanted and more! Now I’m even more excited to go to the states to eat… now that I know it will be satisfying! I wish they sold those out here! They have pastries out here, but they’re mainly dough and less sweet. I NEED sweet!

the girl across the street

I’m so aggravated with this girl. We’ve only had contact 3 times ever and it’s like she decided to hate from the first day we met!

First day- Chris, Lily, and I were taking a walk through Greenpark and I had just found out I was pregnant. She was almost due with her second baby so I simply asked her how far along she was and who her doctor was. With a VERY rude voice she said she is due in a few weeks and then is leaving Belgium in a few months. Then she just went on with her business like I wasn’t there.

Second time- I was outside walking with Lily and her son who is just a little older than Lily was in his backyard. They met up at the fence and we just playing together. Then the mom came outside and gave me this really mean look and demanded her son to get inside. I apologized and she just went inside… it was really awkward!

Yesterday- Sometimes some of the neighbors meets outside just to talk for a little while and I was telling this one girl that I was having a boy. Then the mean girl gave me this look and said, “How do you know you’re only like a month along”… I told her I was 5 months along and she rolled her eyes and said, “You skinny girls with your tiny bellies ugh… you all need to just shut up”

Um… people don’t understand how much offence I take to that! I’m sorry I’m not showing enough for your approval. If I had the choice I would be twice the size! I HATE not looking pregnant when I’m this far along! When we went back inside Chris even agreed with me that she was being rude for no reason! It’s like one day she decided she wanted an enemy and I moved into Greenpark that same day. I’ve NEVER been rude to her. I may be a little shy, but she’s not a very welcoming person! Anyway I hope when she leaves someone nice moves in! I’m not even going to bother confronting her... she’ll be gone soon.

*****The bed below is from

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the kids room

I was thinking of using this (but in twin size) for Lily’s bed. I thought it was girlie and really cute! But since Lily and Aussie are sharing a room I want him to have a similar look to his crib set. So I was thinking maybe using the same zebra fabric and blue for the crib… and the zebra curtains! Then in black have their names displayed above their own beds! The zebra print would be the main factor to tie both pink and blue together! ANYWAY if you’re really good at sewing, want a little extra cash (I’ll pay what I would pay at Babies R Us plus some, because it’s specially done), and already have experience making baby bedding (jess)… let me know if you’re up to doing a sewing project. If so I’ll buy the zebra fabric (from the curtain, sheets, or something) and the blue fabric. If you’re not up to it then I’ll just think of something else… no biggie!

What do yall think of this idea?
Because the walls are so PLAIN I thought the zebra print and the colors would spice it up a bit :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


HORRIBLE! Last night this headache began and it kept me up till almost 4 am. Then Lily woke me up at 9 and I still have a headache. It’s not a normal headache… it’s a pounding right behind my eyes one. I can barely function! It’s so bad that it’s making me feel a little nauseous! I just want to get a little sleep, but lily’s sick so I can’t just put her down for a nap. She hasn’t been taking naps ever since she got sick. I don’t think she’s sick sick… but there’s something wrong with her. She wakes up all through the night crying, wakes up early, and won’t take naps. She acts really uneasy… it’s just not normal behavior. She doesn’t have a fever or anything major. UGH MY HEAD IS GOING TO FALL OFF! I wish I could just take a 2 hour nap with sleeping pills and STRONG headache medicine. Tylenol hasn’t helped one bit! When I was a little kid and we used to go on vacations, every time we stayed in a hotel for some reason I’d get this same headache and throw up in the night. I always thought it was a mix of the hot tub and the bed or the smell of the room. Okay typing this isn’t helping one bit… I’m out.

Oh and we’re TRYING to go to GA and TN for about a week in January.

Monday, July 14, 2008

5 months already!

sucking in at 19 weeks
not sucking in... I KNOW my belly looks bad right now!
And all veiny... UGH
sucking in at 20 weeks
  • My back HURTS SO BAD... like to the point that I can't sleep.
    Yesterday I actually thought I was having an early contraction because it was so painful! I thought back pains didn't come till later... it seemed like last pregnancy it wasn't till I got pretty big. I'm getting bigger faster this time so maybe that has to do with it.
  • My lips are SOOOO DRY and SORE!
  • I have to sleep with 4 pillows to even fall asleep
    one between my legs
    one under my belly/ hips
    and 2 under my head so it's level with my belly
    and I have to sleep on my left side
  • my pregnancy acne is TERRIBLE!
  • the baby is kicking pretty regularly now... and getting stronger everyday
    but still not strong enough for Chris to feel
  • I have to nap with Lily because I get so tired
  • I feel off balance and sometime I feel like I'm going to fall while climbing the stairs I still get a little dizzy
    I go through water like a freakin' fish!
    ...and I need to pee constantly
  • I get heartburn at night... but it's not too bad yet

Sunday, July 13, 2008

20 weeks

I’m half way done! Hopefully a little more than half way!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Diaper Disaster

So today was a mother’s favorite type of day! I woke up this morning and went to let Lily out of her room. There was a HORRIBLE smell coming from her room so I immediately look down at her diaper to find just a bare bottom! I ran into her room and freaked out! Lily had had quite fun finger paining her room with her crap! It was EVERYWHERE! All over all the blankets, her comforter, pillows, walls, her rail, the ottoman, her toys. Well I hope she had fun, because my day was cut out for me. I had to disinfect all her toys, wash all her blankets pillows, and stuffed animals, shampoo her mattress, the ottoman, and the carpet. It was HORRIBLE! I hate that her favorite thing to do is pick in her diaper. Well that afternoon I put her down in her crib to take a nap. When I got in there to wake her up she was standing in front of me DIAPERLESS again! I almost had a heart attack! Luckily she had just peed. So since she has learned to take her diaper off we have to keep pants on her at all times! I think it’s funny and cute now, but this morning was no picnic.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Lily slept in her big girl bed for the first time last night! I just took this picture as her second night in her own bed! I want her to be used to this bed now so when the baby comes the crib won’t be her bed anymore… the bed will be. She’s actually sleeping in the twin sized bed I slept in till… well now!
So it’s a little big for her, but she’ll grow into it.
We added the rail on the side so she doesn't fall off, but if she's awake she can get down easily... which sucks, because if she doesn't want to take a nap it's harder to put her down.

Anyway I’m now almost 5 months along! Not too much has changed. He doesn’t really kick much… at all. Well I’ll take belly pics soon… not much has changed there either though :(

Saturday, July 05, 2008

bad BAD idea!

I can't stop throwing up!
never again.

Friday, July 04, 2008


dipped in
and a cup of unlimited free ICE cold water with a straw!
Don’t take good American food for granted!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

curly hair with a bow

Curling Lily's hair didn't turn out as cute as I thought it would, but oh well!

Speacial thanks to ems for picking out this CUTE shirt
and for Lily's favorite MINI Nilla Wafers!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Dragon

I have a friend in greenpark who is Korean. She is becoming one of my favorite people out here. She has such a different life than me. She was born into a hardcore old fashion Korean family. So for example, when her husband gets home from work he sits and the table and she sets all the food in front of him. Then he eats what he pleases. Once full, he goes to rest, while the rest of the family eats their dinner. But because of this respect they have, their marriage seems to be wonderful! I wouldn't be able to take that, but then again I'm not old fashion Korean. Well Kim and Chris had a big barbeque this last weekend, and we got to talking about dreams to find out the babies sex (she is pregnant too). I didn’t really catch on to all of that, but then she asked me my Chinese zodiac. I told her I was born in 1988 and she was so surprised. She was born in 1976… and every 12 years the zodiacs repeat themselves. So since we are 12 years apart, we are both Dragons.

Dragons are supposedly leaders, and mysterious. Every Chinese parent hopes for a dragon. They’re powerful and can change a mood in a room. Anyway I think that’s cool that we are both Dragons! It’s weird to think that she’s 12 years older than me though!

oh boy

So I’m officially stuck between two names. Chris likes both… but he likes Austin better. I like both… but I like Kayden better. I know since it’s a boy Chris should have the last say, but Austin just doesn’t seem like a name I’d have for one of my kids. I mean I love it and all, but I just don’t know. I have definitely narrowed it down to the two, but bringing it down to one is killing me. I know I have 20 weeks to decide, so I guess I’ll wait till I see the baby. What are yall’s thoughts?

Kayden Christopher O’Neal
Austin Christopher O’Neal
If you ever want to use the same name... I don't mind.But don't get all possessive... it's a name.This is a question not an argument starter...