Sunday, April 18, 2010

Switching it Up.

Today was very busy. We decided that we should switch the kids and our rooms. We didn't need as much room as them, and our room was too hot for me to be 9 months pregnant in. So today we started the switch, and while we were at it, we decided some spring cleaning was in order. We got rid of things, deep cleaned things, and have been working non stop. We hardly took a break for lunch! We have so much more to do, but today was a great start! The kids watched movies on our bed and we found them like this... so cute!


Natalie Putnam said...

I love this picture. I can't wait to see the new rooms :)

Emily Christiansen said...

So cute. I love how kids can fall asleep anywhere in any position. I am excited to see your new house set up!