Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We talked to the surgeon and although the surgery is over and they are stitching him up, he is not out of the woods so please, please pray for him. His stats are really low like is the 60's. I am devastated! My heart. I just want to see him so bad. I just want to hug him. My poor little boy. I love him so much. The surgeon said that it did not go as planned, and we'll be watching him. We'll get to see him in the CICU in a couple hours.

Also the vein like arteries that he was born with are starting to degenerate, and they are getting smaller instead of larger. And since they're so tiny and they pretty much have to sew them together they can clot and then it'll all be over for him. So the next few days will be very critical and the surgeon is worried

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