Saturday, June 11, 2011


^^See I'm not bad.^^

I'm so discouraged. Everyday is so full of pain. I keep thinking I should get blessings, but my mom read a talk tome that basically said getting blessings more than once can actually be a lack of faith. So I've turned photography into my coping mechanism. I finally started my business. But here's the thing... nobody wants them. I know people who have two bookings a day, I've had two ever and I gave them for free. I mean I know I'm good. And I only charge $80, plus a free cd. I mean that's less than walmart! And my pictures are soooo much better. I mean should I lower my prices?? I just feel stuck, and the only way to go on is to keep busy doing something I love. But EVERY photographer is getting work and I'm not.

I just NEED to occupy my mind so I'm not just crying all the time! ugh!


Natalie Putnam said...

Don't get discouraged. You are doing great. Your clients will come! Just keep improving and practicing :)

The Lyons Den said...

they will come i promise... im still waiting and trying to get my stuff up and going...think positive girl!!

Amy Ellen said...

Keep going!! You are amazing...people will start to realize that soon, and your name will get out and then you'll be booming! Shoot, I'd book every week with you if I was there! ;)

Sarah June said...

it's definitely a waiting game at first. but you can't give up. keep trying and keep pushing yourself and working hard and showing people what you got, and they'll come. :) promise. and i'm pretty sure i just saw a status you posted about getting a lot of 'customers' and bookings! yay! :D