Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2015 Goals

The last couple years I've put a lot of wishful goals that my heart wasn't really in and of course, I failed.  So this year I'm only making the goals that my heart is truly in.  I have had a lot of conversations; and even some one-sided arguments with God about these changes that need to be made in my life, and now I know that he will help me accomplish these goals.  I have faith that if I take these first steps, he will help push me along.  If I keep walking, we will keep moving me along.  And when I reach these goes, I will know that he is the ones who made is possible, he will be the one who changed me.  And now the time has finally come.  My heart is all in.  I'm ready.  

Last year I did a no chocolate goal for the 1st three months of the year.  I like the idea of 3 months.  It's reachable.  I can always extend.  But I don't want to make the goal too far out, because that's way too discouraging.  So all my goals are focused on the first 3 months of 2015.

For the 1st three months of 2015 I will not.

Get on Facebook… much.
Remember when we used to hangout and all we did was listened to music, hangout, and got to know each other, instead of knowing someone's whole life before meeting them via FB stalking?  I truly wish we could go back sometimes.  Instead of sharing one on one we share with everyone- so impersonal!  This new year I'm majorly reducing Facebook screen time for 3 months to reconnect and learn how to socialize one on one again.  I used to be so social and now I can type great statuses/comments, but in person I'm super awkward.  Time for that to change!  I truly believe if we don't use a gift, it will go away.

I will still be getting on Instagram- follow me @amymoneal (I can't stop documenting my life), and I will check Facebook ONCE a day and will be on for 20 minutes.

Watch television.
Unless it's A) Family night or B) Date night/ Girls' night  C) Earned
The kids and I will be entertaining ourselves in other, more productive ways.  I WILL allow the kids a way to earn it as a reward, but even then it will be very limited.  I know that tv is more educational these days, but I KNOW there are other, even better ways to learn other than starring at a tv screen.  Watching tv should be done in moderation, so I didn't ban this completely.  I think there's a time and a place.

Eat chocolate.
Yep I'm doing this one again!  Chocolate is my BIGGEST weakness, so when I ditch it I find that I eat healthier all around.  I am making a couple exceptions though this time in hopes that I won't rush back after the 3 months are up.  The ONLY chocolate I'm allowed to have is Chocolate shakeology and I can have something SMALL on special occasions- specifically Lily's birthday, our anniversary, and valentines day.

For the 1st three months of 2015 I will.

Read my scriptures daily.
I'm getting pretty good at this, but there are days I feel too lazy and choose not to.  I hope going TVless will help.

Morning and Evening Family Prayers
We're great a evening prayers as a family, but morning prayers are rough and very rare for us.

Family Night
We're pretty good at family night, but I definitely have those weeks…
But Family night is important to me so it's definitely on the list!

Early to bed, early to rise.
Self explanatory.  

I'm NOT making working out daily a goal, but I hope that my motivation will be up while living this times period of self discipline and I will choose to!  I wish my heart was more into working out, especially since I've never been heavier, but it's not.  So this is a "wishful goal".

That's it guys!  Not a long list, but a very important one.

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