Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today lily got a surprise! My mom was in town for the day due to a layover flight. So we got to go play with the cousins (minus Emerson) and Grandma!! I love when my mom comes to visit, but I hate it when she has to leave!! Anyway Lily was Belle (my family's nickname for her) for the day and Kenzie was Aurora! They are such great friends! My mom is the cutest!!!

Also my mom let Chris and me go on a date tonight so we finally went and saw ECLIPSE!! It was fun! I love getting to go out with just my husband!


Amy Ellen said...

Awww, that picture of the kids and your mom is SO cute!!

Emily Christiansen said...

Mom adores coming to visit the kids. They all look so cute in these photos.

Natalie Putnam said...

It was fun seeing you guys again. I am really glad we took a second to get some pictures. I just with Emerson was able to come.