Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in review.

Looking back on 2013, I've had lots of progress and an equal amount of degrees.  I started out strong and definitely rocked some of my goals, but some goals I completely failed at.  The main goal I didn't accomplish was reading my scriptures.  After awhile I stopped reading all-together, because I'd rather watch tv, or do completely mindless activities.  Seems small, but this is HUGE!  Not only does reading my scriptures keep me in a good place spiritually, but it leaks out into every aspect of my life... my schedule, values, family life, patience, eating habits, etc.  Without my spiritual stability, everything else failed.  I became lazy, got angry faster, judged quicker... all because I stopped reading my scriptures.  That's a huge testament of why God wants us to read the scriptures and pray every day!!  
So this is my MAIN goal this year, even if I only read one verse, atleast of have something GOOD to ponder on!  
Looking back on 2013 goals...
-Read the entire Standard Works!!!! 
Didn't do this!  I'm not going to aim this big this year, I just want to stay steady on reading the scriptures!  

-Do atleast one act of service a day 
Nope.  I REALLY want this to be a goal again.  I want service to come naturally!

-Keep up with the laundry and dishes 
I think I accomplished this one.  

-Eat out less (twice a month once as a fam and one as a date!) (and special occasions)!) 
Actually I did okay on this especially after Chris deployed!  This one is hard since I work!

-Start a workout routine (atleast twice a week!)
HUGE FAIL!  But this is one of my big 2014 goals, I really want to eat right and get in shape!  I'm so ready!

-Make healthier choices 
I did okay, not great.  

This year we didn't do as well as I wanted, we REALLY need to buckle down before Chris gets out of the military!

-Become a better FRIEND
I think I did okay with this!  I'm mostly trying to choose friends who make me want to be a better person, and I've made some great influence friends.  I just wish we were closer!

-Read more books and watch less TV!
I read a few books, I enjoy reading so maybe next year I'll do even more!

-Share the gospel more
meh, not really

-Keep the Sabbath Day Holy every Sunday!
When I went to church lol.  Better than 2012!

-Project 365 (and Project 52 challenge)

-Never let work come first.
I did SO much better on this this year, I only works certain days and edited during nap times or when the kids weren't around to care!  

-Change wake-up time from 7am to 6am!
Way accomplished!  More like 5:30am!!

-Improve on handwriting and vocabulary
nah, but this is still something I want to do!!

So overall I didn't do awful, but I could have done better!

Something highlights:
-Chris deployed with the army for the last time to Kuwait!
-Lily started first grade!  She reads and writes on a super high level!  They want to put her in advance classes next year!
-Grayson is at such a cute/WILD age, but he's such a sweet heart!  He loves to remind me that he loves me and he loves hugs!
-Claire ended the year a 20 months, it was a busy year for her, lots of learning, running, and growling!  
-My photography business did great!  I raised my prices and I still am booking about 2-3 sessions a week!  I also started doing cinematography, which has been a blast!!  

Overall awesome 2013!

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