Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello, 2014!

New years is a wonderful time to reevaluate your life after figure out what needs change or improve!  I think we should do it all year long, but this is the time when I really sit down and figure out a good starting point!  This year my goals are going to be hard!  I'm going to challenge myself to be so much better than I have ever been!  If I can pull it off I will be better in every aspect of my life!  I'm excited and a little nervous to see if I'm strong enough to rise to the occasion and to really do this!

So here they are, 

-Ready Scriptures, EVERYDAY!
I don't care if I open up to a random page and read a random Scripture, I want to have this daily wholesome habit down!  I'm going to try to focus on the BOM, but that won't be an actual goal this year!

-No chocolate for 3 months (and then reevaluate!!)
This has become an addiction of mine.  I can't go a day without it.  I think about it all the time, and often I give it.  I don't want ANYTHING to have that type of power over me, I want to eat in moderation and to be able to say no!  So this WILL be hard, it's my "coffee", I can't go a day without it without getting a headache!  So pray for me lol!

Chris will be out of the military in just a few months and although we have plans, I want to have as much saved as we can!  I also want to work as much as I can and really get my business running steady so if we have to live off my income for awhile, we can!  I'm also making a goal list for my business but that won't be posted here. :)

I want to get a better, more regular schedule going.  I want everyday to be more planned out, and I want to be in bed with the TV off and a reasonable time(10-11pm!)

Better mom!
I think I'm a good mom, but I want to be so much better!  I want to be more patient for one!  I also want to take the kids on more mommy-daughter dates.  I'd love to set time apart to really talk to each of them (especially Lily and Gray!)  I would love to start an in-home pre-schoolig for my littles to take the time to teach them new things!

This is the year for me!  I'm going to get into shape, eat better, and take control of my health!  I need this lifestyle change, and I will take it one day at a time! 

yup, trying again lol!  Not blogging it though, just posting on FB!

A few ones from last year:
Better my handwriting and Vocabulary.
Serve more and share the gospel!!!
Be a better friend!
Read more.
And Obviously never let work come first, but I feel like I've found a good balance on this!

Chris will deployed almost all year either as a soldier or as a civilian so while he's away, I really want to conquer these goals, there aren't a ton, but they're going to be LOTS of work and dedication!!  

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