Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lily's Baptism.

Lily's baptism was a beautiful day!  She got to share her special day with her best friend and cousin, Kenzie!  And her Cousin, Maggie, got blessed that day as well!  They even wore matching dresses!  So many people came out to support Lily; Jeff, Cindra, Steve, Karen, Nikki, Emily, Sam, Kate, The Putnam Family, and so many great friends we've made in Grayson ward!  We had everyone sign her new book of mormon so she can always remember who all was there on her special day!

Chris, her dad, was able to preform her baptism and confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint which made it just so much more special!!

I'm so glad Lily decided that the gospel was important enough to her to be Baptized, confirmed a member, and received the Holy Ghost.  Kenzie and her (and Maggie too) looked so beautiful!  

I love how when Chris started saying the Baptism prayer, Lily started holding her breath.  She held her breath throughout the whole prayer so when he finally pulled her out of the baptismal font, she was gasping for air.  It was pretty cute and funny!  I couldn't help but cry, she was so clean in that moment, and watching my loving husband and oldest daughter in the font brought such joy into my heart.  I love my family so much!!  Lily is such an example to me!  She cares so much about others and wants to serve anyone she can.  She has such a happy spirit and I want to be like her when I grow-up!  I'm so impressed by her daily!!  I can't wait to watch her grow in the church, and watch her testimony grow!  I love you so much Lily!!

  I told Lily to write down her baptism experience and her testimony.  I just love both!

"I felt scared when I first learned about Baptism, but I felt like a new person.  Just coming out of the water. It felt like something else.  My jumpsuit was wet and my eyes were red and I felt new.  I was lucky to have such a nice daddy to baptize me.

I believe Jesus Christ is my savior and he watches over me.  I love President Monson he guides my way.  This church is important to us because it helps us learn about him [Jesus].  I listen to conference when I do not go to church.  It is important to listen to the Holy Spirit.
I love these cute scripture bags my mom made!  This is them on the Sunday after their Baptism!

A special thanks to these cute Missionaries for teaches the discussions to the girls!

And to the other girls getting ready to be Baptized this year too!  I'm so glad these girls have such fun friends!

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Sabrina Faith said...

What a beautiful memory and such a special and beautiful moment! Lily you are such an inspiration and it's great to see girls growing up in such a positive way!!!