Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bath Time.

Lately my back and sides have been killing me... especially at NIGHT! It's to the point that I have to take baths to relax my body! I don't know whats up but Grayson really like to tuck himself right into my back at nights. Its not fun at all to say the least!! Tonights bath was very relaxing. I turned the hallway light on and the bathroom light off so it was dim. Then I put foam bath and salts in the tub. I also turned music on my iphone... relaxing stuff. I enjoyed every second of it! I like my baths so hot that I can hardly sit down because it's burning my skin, but now that I'm pregnant I can't have that hot of baths... that the only downside! But overall it was a nice way to end the day.

Side note: Chris gave me these and tons of other bath stuff in this really nice hat box when we were dating. It was actually the day he first told me he loved me. I think I was working as an instructor at The Little Gym at the time and he picked me up from work and we went off roading... lame I know. But that's where he told me so yeah... there's a little Chris and Amy trivia!

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