Monday, May 10, 2010

Thank You Natalie!!

Yesterday Natalie called me all excited and told me she had a mother's day surprise for me. It turns out she nominated me for a Maternity make-over and I WON!! I get $200 to spend at Milan Maternity!! I'm SO excited! Natalie is the best!!

This was posted on the Milan Maternity Facebook page:

"Happy Mother's Day! Congrats to Amy! She is
the winner of our $200 Mother's Day Maternity Make-Over! Thank you
Natalie for nominating Amy. Thank you everyone for your nominations, it
was so hard to choose just one winner. We hope you all have a great
Mother's Day and a happy, healthy, stylish pregnancy."

Seriously BEST mothers day ever!!


Natalie Putnam said...

YAY!!! Now we need to shop :) Call me sometime today.

Jason and Jessica Bills said...

AWESOME! I am glad that you won. I can't wait to see the new clothes that you get.

Emily Christiansen said...

That seriously rocks! I love their clothes. Let us know what you pick out.