Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Re-evaluating 2013 Goals

When I made my goals for last year I had last year on my mind, but now it's a new year and my priorities have changed and I have different goals that are more important to me.  So I'm going to reevaluate my goals and add/take away some. :)

Here are my original goals

-Read the entire Standard Works!!!! 
(Just the BOM and D&C this year, I'll read the Bible next year)

-Do atleast one act of service a day 
(still trying to do this one)

-Keep up with the laundry and dishes 
(doing pretty good, but I do have off days)

-Eat out less (twice a month once as a fam and one as a date!) (and special occasions)!) 
(fail so far lol, we enjoy eating out)

-Start a workout routine (atleast twice a week!)
(fail- so far but hoping for more energy this spring/summer)

-Run a 5k(or two, or three ;))
(none yet, but this is still a goal)

-Make healthier choices 
(Going strong, not to where I want to be, but I'm getting there... baby steps)

(out of debt, but not great at saving lol)

-Become a better FRIEND
(This one is hard for me.  Since starting photography my already bad anxiety has gotten so so much worse.  I seriously live in stress, and when I'm not dealing with strangers I'm a big time homebody.  I love having friends, but I like hanging out at home with my family so much more, I still get anxiety even with my closest friends so it's hard to choose friends over relaxation, BUT I've decided I need to have friends so my new goal is to hangout face to face once a week with a friend.  I'm really trying to stick to it.  This week I'm having a Cupcake Date with some photographer friends.)

-Read more books and watch less TV!
(Definitely haven't been doing this, I need to find some good books!!)

-Share the gospel more
(I feel like I've done this somewhat, I always try to encourage people to learn more about the gospel on my FB or blog, and I try to live as an example so people can see my light and want it too)

-Keep the Sabbath Day Holy every Sunday!
(I'm actually doing pretty good at this SO FAR!)

-Project 365 (and Project 52 challenge)
(huge fail, but I've changed it to just trying to take pictures of my kids more often, I took hardly any in 2011 and regret it so much!)

-Never let work come first.
(I only book session 2 (sometimes 3) times a week, which is good and I try not to edit except for when Lily is at school and Claire and Gray are napping)

-Change wake-up time from 7am to 6am!
(Still working on this one lol.  I'm at 7:30 right now.  I'm going the opposite way lol!)

-Improve on handwriting and vocabulary
(I got a few print outs, but haven't had much time to work on it... still a goal though!!)

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