Sunday, January 08, 2012

Day 8

Lily's new OBSESSION is Uno.  She wants to play it all day and all night.  She's getting pretty good too.  I don't believe in letting my kid's win on purpose, and she has won quite a few times!  We taught her three days ago.  It was a fun after church activity while my dad watched football.

FB status-
We taught Lily Uno tonight and after playing around 5 rounds, she's a pro! She even dealt out cards when it was her turn to. I'm glad she figured it out so quickly! And she was so okay with losing! I'm a proud momma. ♥· Thursday at 8:43pm


Jason and Jessica Bills said...

I love UNO. It is a fun game. I should try to teach Em it sometime.

Natalie Putnam said...

Love these pictures! They tell the story great and Lily's smile is so cute!

We played this yesterday also :)
My kids LOVE uno. Dean is good at remembering when you play a draw 2 on him, he will always get you back!