Saturday, January 28, 2012


So most of my blog posts are me trying to turn a horrible situation into a positive one and it is for me.  So if anyone gets offended or takes anything I say on my blog personally I recommend you don't read it.  This is my blog for my thoughts and feelings, and I'm not going to sit here and sensor what I write to not hurt yours.  I hate that everyone in life has challenges and I try to be sensitive to peoples things, but come one guys, this is a blog about me trying to find my way.  Let me, please have my place.  I may have to go private and that's really sad since this is how I share things with my husband as well.

Thanks for ruining my one spot now I'll sensor everything so I don't hurt anyone else.

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Amy Ellen said...

That's annoying. I'm sorry :/ Don't sensor anything....forget anyone who wants to make you think you need to. You don't. Seriously, if someone has a problem with what you have to say, they should not read it! Why would they?