Thursday, April 05, 2012


Bedtime for most parents is the best time of the day, because it allows them to have some alone time. But for me it's the absolute worst time of the day. Maybe it's because of Austin, or maybe I'm just too attached to my kids, but every night my bedtime routine seems to get longer and longer. I just hate saying goodnight to my sweet little kids. It's so hard for me for some reason. I guess one reason is because they seem to be extra cute and loving at bedtime. But also it's because it's just one more day gone forever, and they are just one day older. I just don't want to miss a second of their childhood. Soon they'll be in school, then they'll grow up there and I'll be left behind and most likely hated for a good part of their young lives. It's just so sad. I want to wake them up and give them all the loves I can give. I know I should just enjoy the present, but sometimes it's hard to not mourn the present also, because all too soon it will be just another memory.

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