Monday, June 14, 2010


Today I watched Kenzie for the day (Nat and Dean came over to hangout for awhile too). Kenzie hurt her ankle the other day and Dean hurt his arm so today was a "lay in my bed and watch Barbie" kind of day! I love it when the Putnam kids come over... Lily is never happier! Except lately she's been freaking out when they first get here. She bawls and says that she doesn't like them. I don't know what her deal is. Also the kids got into my make-up because they wanted to look like princesses... it'll be a cute memory later but today I'm not too happy about it. But overall it was a fun day and I got a lot of cleaning done!


Jason and Jessica Bills said...

Pictures like that make me really sad. Emerson needs to be in them too. I wish that I could come out and hang out before you move.
That sucks about the makeup.

Emily Christiansen said...

They ALWAYS get into the makeup. I don't know why you don't put it up when the girls are together.

I love this photo. They are all so cute. I feel bad Nat's kids are so injured.