Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playroom table.

It’s noon and so far today’s been great! The kids slept in till 10 (yes 10!!), we ate French toast for brunch, the kids had a fun time in the bath, they got all ready and look super cute, and we’ve been playing in their room. But I can’t shake off this feeling that something bad is around the corner. Like I’m not allowed to have things so perfect. I don’t know why, but it’s really bothering me! Anyway I loved the kids little activity table in their playroom. It used to be a folding table with the Disney princesses on it, but my sister and mom helped me change it to a really cute, colorful fabric. Well the kids destroyed it this morning (see her hand under the plastic). I’m not upset, I’m just a little sad. It just went so perfectly with the playroom. Oh well kids destroy things… I just need to learn to stay detached from things that don’t matter. But seriously I hope this feeling goes away soon!


Jason and Jessica Bills said...

The beauty of it being "homemade" is that it is easily redone. I love that table.

Cindra said...

You can just get some new plastic and recover it...but even without fixing it, it has given Lily so much fun. I miss that girl.

Emily Christiansen said...

Crazy kids! I bet Austin helped alot doing that.