Friday, November 18, 2011

Another one??

Before I announce each pregnancy I get so much anxiety about people's reactions. I think it's just a habit I've formed from the many bad choices I've made. From getting married at age 18 AFTER having a baby to having almost 4 before I'm 24 (haters are gonna hate). I don't know I always feel like I need to act like it was an accident every time I announce. But none of my kids are accidents... they might have not been planned... at all, but they have all come into our home and brightened it up with a new love we never knew was even missing!

I love being a mom. I love making a family with Chris. I know we are good parents and we have good wholesome family values (after a few rocky years). If we could afford it, I wouldn't mind having 10 more kids with Chris! Well maybe 2 or 3 more lol. But still! It's a beautiful thing being a parent and should not be taken lightly... and for me it's a welcomed responsibly. These kids will grow up and have families of their own and so will their kids... think of the family reunions!

I love my parents and I'm so so SO grateful they gave me my 4 sisters. Siblings are a blessing to be cherished and I want that for my kids. I want a great big family and crazy drama, and everything else that comes with a big family!

The happiness outweighs the difficulties...

So anyway I'm done feeling anxiety when I announce my next pregnancies, I am SO grateful to Heavenly Father that I even get to HAVE kids at all, and obviously he wants me to be a mom. I've learned that in many ways.

These children are gifts.
And I pray that you may one day get to have the gift of a family as well...
maybe even lucky enough to have a big family like Chris and me! :)

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