Sunday, November 06, 2011

Grateful for my Husband

So of course I'd love for Chris and me to be on the same page on everything, but that's not how life works. Chris isn't interested in the church and at first that really bothered me. It caused a lot of problems in our marriage. But now looking back I don't understand why. If he isn't interested that's perfectly fine. First off IF he ever decides to become religious in anyway I'd want it to be because he was humbled to it and had his own spiritual experiences, not because it's what I desire. Also we're in two different places in life and so it's not fair to assume we're on the same page. And most importantly, Chris has been nothing but supportive of me and my decision to change. He encourages me to go to church, even helped me wake up on Sunday mornings! He has even agreed to let me tithe our money! He's letting me just give money away to something he doesn't even have faith in! He supports me in every desire I have. I just wish I had never pressured him to become religious. If he's going to accept me then I should accept him. He IS my husband after all. And I love him! :)


Amy Ellen said...

I don't know if this is suppose to be private, or if I'm allowed to read it, but I saw this and it made me smile :)

I think it's very admirable of you to follow your heart with what you think is best for your own religious growth. If your husband doesn't believe the same thing, it can be really easy to let it tear you I think it's really awesome that you're accepting that he doesn't and giving him equal amounts of support in his decision to believe what he wants.

I also think it's totally awesome how much he supports you :) What a good husband!

Shirley said...

Amy, email me at
I am a friend of your Mom's and would like to share with you the story similar to yours.

Shirley Anne Falck