Monday, November 21, 2011

Heaven is For Real

I read this book and LOVED it. I bawled through the whole hospital portion of the book... it hit way too close to home for me. I relived everything from just reading. It was really difficult.
Overall I was skeptical throughout the book, but enjoyed the story and message.
I recommend you read it too.

The after reading is what has me all upset. I decided to go read reviews on the book and I can't believe how HARD people are! I mean, yeah a lot of it sounds crazy and might not be true, but for them to just disregard it like it's a book that came straight from Satan. My mom always says that a church is a lot like a hospital. It's there for people to go get spiritually healed. It's not there for perfect people to remain perfect so when you go to church you can't look at the people and decide that you do and don't like that church, because people are human and we all disappoint. We need church to help us through the next week. So don't judge the guy who comes to church with a hangover... atleast he's there; trying! So I'm REALLY trying to remember that right now, because I'm just so upset with Christians in general... including LDS. How can you see one thing you don't like and just completely close her mind/heart to it. And then turn around and do missionary work and expect others to just humble themselves.

I'm annoyed.

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