Wednesday, February 01, 2012


So here are my goals until May:
Read the BOM by doing the 100 day challenge. (should be done right before May!)
Attend Sacrament meeting and stay until after relief society every week... ATTEND classes!
Visiting Teaching.
Pay tithing.

I had a meeting with the bishopric, and these are informal goals that will help my testimony and then by May I will be officially temple WORTHY (not actually going)!

My life is working out so well!
I've been working on my life as a wife, parent, and as a person and I think thing are starting to go my way!  Goals and "lists" are my new favorite thing.  I feel like I'm more "put together" than I ever have been.  I'm completely drug free (like antidepressants) and surprisingly, I've never been more stable and in control of my feelings.  I'm just on the road to find myself and become who I want to be.  I'm even considering letting my natural hair grow out.  It's time to get back to my roots!  Literally!


Sabrina said...

Hey Amy! I think your goals are so wonderful!!! But to be honest, I don't understand what some of them are...(100 day challenge?). I was wondering if you would mind explaining some of these things as I truly think it is wonderful that you are "getting back to your roots." I know some people get super defensive about faith, religion and beliefs....and I don't want to offend anyone...I am just super curious. Hope it's okay to ask! I am so happy for you that you are feeling so good about your life and most importantly YOURSELF!!! :)

Amy Ellen said...

What IS your natural color!? lol I literally have NO idea. You are very inspiring, Amy. Even in little things. I remember you posted a picture for Chris of your natural eyebrows, and I thought to myself, "man, I would LOVE to get to that point again" and so I am! It makes me feel a little better each day knowing I don't have to fill them in, just makes me feel a little more "me".
Also, I think it's great that you're making goals a little more specific too. Like, "by May". That is really a challenge for yourself, and you'll be able to look back come May and feel so good about accomplishing those things!
Good luck!
oh, and I don't know what BOM is either?

Eve Swenson said...

Way to go Amy! I am so happy for you! Your roots are fabulous and I am grateful that Austin is helping you to return to your faith, your God and your family, (not to mention to yourself. I love your natural hair color!)
My prayers and thoughts are with you always!!!
I love you!