Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I just hate so much when i lose my temper with the kids.  Sometimes I get so mad that I yell at them and I hate thet.  And I HATE that that's sometimes the only thing that they listen to.  Today was a WAR with Lily.  She didn't want to wake up, took 2 hours to get ready, didn't listen in gymnastics and wouldn't stop looking to see what her friends were doing, she could not for the life of her get her capital"C" down, she refused to eat dinner. It was just none-stop whining all day... one thing after another.  The ONLY time she listened was when I yelled at her and I hate yelling at my kids.  I'd rather parent with love.  Today was just NOT a good day for anyone.

Side note-  Do you ever feel like after a day when you've spent all day with a bad temper, and a knot in your stomach that it's somehow wrong to read the Book of Mormon/Bible?  Not to read it, but to read it with the Spirit there?  I don't know, I just feel like how could I go from that and now expect such a clean, spiritual feeling to come into this house?  I mean I NEED to read tonight, but I know that with what i'm reading right now, I need the Spirit with me to comprehend some of this Isaiah stuff, and to keep me motivated and energized, because with this stuff... I can't do it alone lol. 

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