Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I don't want to go into detail, but I have a very, VERY intense spiritual experience last night. I hope I can understand it more as time goes on and as I pray. But it was very intense and very... confusing. Also I read a book called The Peacegiver that was a great book about the Atonement and it really make you think of it in ways you never thought of before. In fact everyone I know who has read it always tell me how much it changed their life. I could definitely see why and hope it has changed me as well. It's from an LDS author, but it's pretty much based off the bible so I recommend it to everyone!! Also I'm starting on the Book of Mosiah already! I feel like Heavenly Father is very close to me these days and I hope I become more sensitive to his presence as time goes on and my heart gets softer everyday. I have been so blessed in the last few months. God really is the answer to true happiness.

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Rebecca and Jason said...

who is the author of the book?
now i want to read it!