Saturday, February 04, 2012


So last night my friend from Colorado contacted me and asked me to get onto skype chat so she could ask me something (she said her phone had broke).  When I got on she told me her Aunt was head of the UCLA pregnancy Research Center and they needed some pregnant ladies to help with a study and she immediately thought of me.  So said I could make $3400 to do a few surveys and to make a few "what if" videos.  She told me her video wasn't working and that she wanted to see if I was showing enough and to skype her.  Since it was one of my friends I didn't even think about the fact that I was in my undershirt and panties.  After she SAW me she said that she needed me to make my first "what if" video to try out.  The first scenario was "what if you were 7-8 months pregnant, alone at home, and went into labor".  So pretty much I'd pretend like that happened and show it in a video, me pretending to give birth.  It was supposed to be realistic so I'd be pants-less and everything.  In this conversation we did some small talk, like she asked me how Lily was and about Chris in Afghanistan... just regular catching up stuff.  I told her I'd do it, I mean she said they blurred out the faces and it was just for the study purposes, plus $3400 is a lot of money.  Well the next day we talked and decided how we were going to do the video, later on I needed to tell her that we had to change the time, so I contacted her via FB.  My ACTUAL friend contacted me back asking what I was talking about.  Apparently we had NEVER talked the night before and she has no aunt at UCLA.  So I tried contacting whorever that person was, but the second I asked them who they really were they ended the contact.  So now there's someone out there that I almost made a video for, knows things about me, saw me in my undies, and I have  NO idea who they are!  I feel so dumb and violated!!

The funny part is, the whole time we were talking, I had a bad feeling about it.  Even though it was just for a study, I was just... unsure.  I asked my mom and Chris their opinion and they both seemed to think that it was okay to do, because it was for something like that, but I just couldn't shake that uneasy feeling.  I should listen to that feeling next time!

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Anonymous said...

From searching all over google this post was the only thing I could find- This exact person contacted me recently and I am scared to death... I feel completely VIOLATED as well and I'm only a teenager! I'm worried they have access to my computer or files or something... and could come after me or somehow ruin my life or others. God only knows but I am frightened. They clearly know how to emulate people and find out information which they could not have known if they had not stalked me. And it's clear that none of us actually know this person or have met them. I am absolutely disgusted that people like this actually exist out there- I literally get a sick to my stomach feeling that I've never experience in my life.
PLEASE, let me know what has become of your situation. This has been in the back of my mind everyday and I just want someone to tell me that nothing has happened to them and this situation is just a figment of the past! Thank you for being one of the only ones that has shared this story even though I know that others out there are being VICTIMIZED by this disgusting, mentally-ill, sick person. Take Care xx