Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun day!

Today was really fun. I went to a playdate with some of the ladies in my ward. They are all so much fun and I'm glad I've made some friends at church. They're all easy to talk to and Lily seemed to enjoy her new friends. A lot of them are actually in her church class so that's nice. Then we went home, because my mom had to go back to NY... or so we thought. She ended up missing her flight. Thank goodness! One more day with mom here is a blessing. Lily and her made homemade rice krispy treats for us YUM! And then I got my computer ready for my photography business. So I organized everything into years and then months. And then i even started editing a few pictures. And then I went to bed. I read a couple chapters on 2nd Nephi and now I'm blogging about my day. :)

I still can tell you enough how much Austin has inspired me to... LIVE! I miss him with all of my heart and would love to have some sacred experience where I would see him and see all the good that he's doing. You know, just an update.

Anyway (not anyways, I learned that today!), goodnight! :)


Marti Stringham said...

Sounds like a really good day. I'm so excited for you with your new photography business. Love you, Marti

Rebecca and Jason said...

yay!! for happy days. :)
playdates are the best. thats how i always start to feel welcomed into a new ward.