Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have lived an interesting life. If you know me then you know that is putting it lightly. Austin’s rough life and death was definitely the hardest experience I have ever gone through, but I have had many little experiences that have prepared me for this. In a sense, I’m becoming the woman I’m going to be by going through these hardships. I hope after all the pain has faded I’m a more humble, compassionate person. I hope I can take these experiences and help others in need. Right now everything is about how awful life is without my little Austin man, but one day I can take this pain and turn into sympathy towards others in need. I really believe that Austin is happy and healthy. I bet he is doing so much good. His heart was weak, but it was made of gold. I just miss him with all of my heart. I just hope I can turn this horrible experience into a useful one. I want to grow from this. I want to be a better person.

Today has been an okay day.

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Shannon said...

Reading this makes me so proud of you!! You are growing up to be a great mother, sister, wife and friend. I have no doubt you will make an impact on other people's lives. Love ya, girl:)