Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lily's Struggle

So let's talk about Lily. She is struggling. When Austin dies she saw a child specialist who helped her prepare to see him. But when she saw him she was... odd. She didn't act it. in fact throughout this whole thing her emotions have been hidden from the world, but she wouldn't come near him. For awhile after that day she had a magic drink that would wake Austin up. She kept it with her at all times. We tried to explain it in every possible way we could think of. We read books about death to her, watched Disney movies that involved death (example: Lion King), and had lots of talks. At the funeral when she saw him in the coffin she was very weary about him. Very uncomfortable, but kept wanting to see him again. Since that day she only says little things here and there to let us know how much she's thinking about him. Her emotions are still in tact though. She asks us to tell her stories about Austin all the time. She has a very love/hate relationship with Jesus. She'll go from hating him for taking Lily to loving him and they're married. Oh and half the time all her dolls are dead and she gives them lots of funerals. Sometimes she's be causing trouble by having tantrums or being a bully and when you sit her down to discuss it she always admits that she misses him. She pretends he's just pretend half the time. My heart just breaks for hers. They were best friends. She LOVED him so much. I feel worse for her than anyone. Anyway she's been working on a picture book about Austin. So everyday she draws a picture of a memory she has with Austin. Today she drew Austin and her eating spaghetti, his favorite! But when my mom went away to do something and came back she had drawn a picture of him dead in his casket and her sad. It made me so sad. Here they are...

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